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Social Media, Why Should Wine Businesses Bother?

There are some very good reasons why wine businesses should use social media, in this video we look at social media usage in the wine industry (back to SEO in the next video).


social media overview for wine businesses


Hi WineMarketingPros, I’m Bruce McGechan, and this is another Whiteboard Winesday. Today we’re going to talk about Social Media. It’s sort of an overview as well as answering the question, “Why bother?”

I think a lot of people in their 40s and 50s kind of wonder about this. I used to think about whether you should bother or not as well, a few years ago, but now I think you should bother.

We’re going to first look at what Social Media is, and go through the Social Media networks. Then we’re going to cover three points, maybe four, about why you should bother with Social Media.

So what is Social Media? Well if you look at the Venn diagram over here, it’s a combination of two things. The first one is, Digital Media; It can’t be a newspaper, a traditional newspaper, or news print of course. And the second thing is, it has to have Social Interaction; It can’t just be a webpage, it has to have the comments open, perhaps at the bottom of that webpage, to allow social interaction on the page itself.

When you open-up comments on a webpage, what is it? It’s a blog post, and that’s one of the biggest social networks on the web. These are tiny little figures here, you know I admit I’m not a big drawer… perhaps I should leave this up to my seven year old. But, these little icons over here represent all the social networks.

The first one is blogs. I know that of all the big blog software, WordPress is the biggest… and there are 67 million WordPress sites. In terms of Facebook, there are 1.1 billion Facebook active users. In terms of Twitter, there are 230 million active Twitter users. In terms of Google+, there are 343 million active users of Google+. Now that’s a really interesting network, and we’ll look more at Google+, and all the social networks in future videos. In terms of Pinterest, there are 48 million active users. Linked-in 225 million active users, great B2B, business to business, social network that one. And Foursquare, there are 33 million active users there, that’s one of the best Location-Based Services, another video to come on LBS, as well.

So I guess the first reason is Social Media networks, and the number of wine drinkers on them, is super large. It’s a huge part of the world, and of digital media.

I started working back in 1994 after I graduated, and as a marketer we had four choices. We had newspapers, glossy magazines, radio of course, and TV. Now, TV keeps going strong in this day and age, but the other three traditional media, they’re dying. We all know and hear the stories about newspapers slowly going the way of the dinosaurs. They’re dying because the viewers, the users, the readers, of those traditional media, are moving onto the internet. We’re seeing that rather than read a newspaper, or reading a magazine, they’re looking at blog sites. In our industry they’re looking at the wine blog sites. We’re seeing that as well as moving on to digital media as a whole, they’re moving in particular into social networks.

The US Wine Market Council, a couple of years ago did some research which showed that 73% of Core Wine Drinkers were active users of Facebook, and 24% were active users of Twitter. So it’s a big deal for us in the wine industry, these social networks. They’re used a lot by our target market. It’s not just towards PCs and laptops either, it’s increasingly used towards mobiles. These people are viewing the different digital media on mobiles and tablets as well. But that’s another video altogether.

So, this is a little fish down here, it’s jumping out of the sea… yes that was drawn by myself and I don’t draw as well as my seven year old. The point is that, we want to ‘fish where the fish are.’ And the fish have moved to digital media, in particular to Social Media. So that’s point one.

Point two is ads. The best-performing, cheapest ads in the advertising world today are probably on Facebook. Increasingly, I expect them to be on the other social networks as well. Google has started to get a bit expensive, and boy the advertising rates on magazines in particular, and newspapers, have become… in my opinion… perhaps not affordable. It’s a controversial statement that one, but they are certainly expensive. So, get into Facebook in particular, because their ads work.

The third point and the last point I’ll make, really comes from Paul Mabray, at VinTank. His point is that you should look at Social Media in the same way that you look at voicemail. When you come back into the office at the end of the day, and you see you’ve got 10 voicemail messages, that red light is flashing away, you immediately press the play button on your voicemail mail machine, and start listening to them.

If you get a Wine Critic, or a Wine Blogger, who wants you to ring them back because they want to do an interview, or come along to your winery, or your wine store… you are going to ring that person back, aren’t you. Likewise, if you’ve got a Wine Consumer who wants to buy a case of wine, you’re going to ring them back and get their credit card details. If you’ve got someone who just has something nice to say about your wine, or your wine store, you’re going to listen to that message. It’s a nice feel-good message. If someone’s noticed there’s a little glass chip in the bottom of the wine bottle, there might be an issue with your bottling line, you’re going to ring them back to find out what the bad news is.

In the same way you listen to those messages on the voicemail machine, you also want to listen to similar messages in the Social Media scape. So, that’s the last point I’m going to make on this.

If you’ve got any questions, please ask them in the WineMarketingPros forum.

And that’s us for today. Ciao!

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