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A while back you visited WineMarketingPros.com and asked to be sent, “5 Things you Must Know about Selling Wine Online”. If you haven’t gotten the emails then please check your spam filters, or let me know. I just wanted to ask you, was it helpful? What were you looking for when you came to the site? If you email me a reply, I’d love to hear from you (bruce at winemarketingpros dot com) .

I want to make sure the information on my website and in this series are as helpful as possible. I’ll keep sending you some emails over the coming weeks that continue to build on the basics I’ve introduced in the last few weeks. If you don’t want them please click on the unsubscribe link below.

The short video below repeats most of the above, but I also introduce Tamara and, when we’re not traveling, where we live (in the mountains of New Zealand).

Video Transcript

Hi WineMarketingPros, I’m Bruce McGechan and this is a very short Whiteboard Winesday. Today I just want to cover a few quick things.

The first one is: Have you received the previous five videos? If you signed up for “Get Five Things You Must Know About Selling Wine Online” then you should have received five emails with these videos and a transcription attached to them. If you haven’t, check your spam folders and perhaps white list my email address: Bruce at WineMarketingPros dot com. That’s the first thing.

The second thing is: Are they helpful? And if they are, or not, please send me your quick thoughts by clicking reply on your email software. When you came to the website, you were looking for some sort of information, have we supplied that information to you? We’re going to give you some more videos after this, fear not, this is the sixth video and we have lots in store for you every Wednesday, because it’s Whiteboard Winesday, bad pun I know. But if they’re not please, again, click reply and send us your thoughts on what content would be useful. I read every one of those emails. So, those are the things I want to talk about today.

What you might not know about, you probably do, is that we are not video professionals. We’re experts on Wine Marketing, and Wine Marketing on the Internet, but video production we’re… pretty good at, and we’re good enough to get a point across. So I thought in this video I’d talk about where we are, and who we are.

So, the person behind the video is my beautiful wife Tamara. Tamara McGechan.

Tamara: “Hello, hi! Yes, I’m usually behind the camera and I often do things on request so when Bruce says can you write this post, can you do this Facebook post, etc., etc., I’ll be doing that as well. I’ll just quickly tell you a little bit about where we are. I’ve drawn this fantastic map, which I think is rather good. And so, in the world, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (South Pacific, actually), New Zealand.

We have Auckland, which I think most people will have known about, which is where the majority of our international flights come in. Wellington is our capital. Queenstown is our tourism capital. Christchurch is known as Garden City. We are about two and half hours inland from Christchurch, in the high country of South Canterbury. So that’s us right there. We are sitting here amongst a New Zealand native red tussock, which is sort of billowing around us, that’s native to the high country of New Zealand and it’s always very beautiful.”

Bruce: “Oh, and The Lord of the Rings, just down behind us on the other side of the river is Edorus, which is the capital city of the Rohan in The Lord of the Rings, so that’s sort of where we are. Beautiful part of the country.”

Tamara: “Yeah, we look out on Rohan, or what Rohan was. The buildings no longer remain, it’s just mountainous rocky outcrops now.”

Bruce: “And that us, Tamara wanted to draw this map upside down but… It’s a little too funny, and this is a serious video series.
And that’s us. So as they say in England, cheerio!”

Tamara: “Bye!”

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