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Wine Regional Marketing Organization Draft Report available next week

Three weeks ago we started doing research into which Wine Regional Marketing Organizations (RMO) are the best wine internet marketers, here’s how I put in my blog post, Wine Regional Marketing Organization Research, the Moon, and their Internet Marketing.

Very few premium wine brands can rely on their brand perception alone, most rely on regional perceptions to help them demand higher prices. Arguably the most important tool for increasing the regional quality perception is the Wine Regional Marketing Organization (RMO).

I’ve started to research which Wine RMOs are most effectively promoting their region through the internet. The idea is to help the struggling under-resourced Wine RMO marketer identify best practice and make the case for greater resources.

And it’s been fascinating. Some Wine RMOs do everything well from SEO to Facebook to Twitter. Others really get one or two areas. And some really struggle (indeed one RMO, which shall remain nameless and has been informed, has had its site hijacked and now promotes funerals and wine).

For example the diagram below shows something called Domain Authority. Domain Authority is a measure used to compare different websites and comes from SEOmoz. It combines a bunch of SEO indicators into one score, that is plotted on a logarithmic scale. In the report we look at these other indicators as well.

Wine Regional Marketing Organization Domain Authority

Wine Regional Marketing Organization Domain Authority

Another example is this Facebook Regularity Graph. Facebook is all about getting onto the News Feed which is determined by an algorithmic formula called EdgeRank. EdgeRank has three parts one of which is “Time Decay”, the older the post the less likely it will get onto a Fan’s News Feed. We rated how regular posts were made and gave a Regularity score of 5 if the Wine RMO posted everyday. Here’s the graph,

Wine RMO Facebook Regular Posting

Wine RMO Facebook Regular Posting

A last example is a Twitter “likelihood” score. On average a tweet only lasts 18 minutes on a twitter account home page. So you want it to be repeated, or retweeted, around the web. This score comes from followerwonk.com and here’s the graph,

Wine RMO Twitter RT Score

Wine RMO Twitter RT Score

As you can see we will only be identifying the national Wine RMOs, as well as the regional ones that have done well. All others will be kept anonymous by using a regional identifier like US-1, AU-6, NZ-3 etc – individual RMOs will be told what their code is. The country RMOs are Argentina, Austria, Australia, Chile, Germany, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal and South Africa.

We will complete the draft report soon (probably Thursday 18 April) for Wine RMOs themselves to view by invite-only access to a pre-recorded video presentation. It will be taken down about a week later after receiving any feedback before being put into a final report format.

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