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5. Choose your Wine Niche

Choosing a Wine Niche is Key to Marketing Success

Time to make your niche choice. If you’ve looked at customers and competitors, and also considered which segment you’d be most comfortable with. Then it’s time to choose which one is best.

Customer Company Competitor and Wine Strategy

Ideally there is a segment that

  • has no strong competitors
  • you’re already positioned in
  • you have empathy for

Most likely you’ve got some hard choices to make. Weigh up company, competitors and customers and decide what your ideal position in the market is. If you think there is a gap in the market and you’re happy with marketing to that group of customers – take it. That’s classic brand strategy at work.

Repositioning your Brand into a Gap in the Market

Repositioning in the Wine Market

Not sure what your niche is? Then perhaps reread the pages in the Winery Marketing category and discuss further with your staff. It’s a big decision so it’s worth the trouble.

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