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Wine Web Design Basics

Although wine web design can be as artistic or as functional as you so desire the overall structure really comes down to a few simple components:

  • the header
  • the body
  • the footer.

Wine Web Design Basic Structure

website with one column

Website with one column

With the body you have four variations to do with the body columns

You can have a single column, a left or right column or three columns.

website column options

Website column options

There are many small variations of these

For example,

  • virginwines had a ‘floating’ fourth column to the right
  • wineonline.ca had two single body columns stacked on top of each other (2 footers kinda)
  • many blogs (including this one) have two right columns and a large left column
  • some have banner images at the top of the body that seemingly splits a column into a box – but it is just a column with an image.

Different parts of the website often have different structures

Often you start with a home page and category with 3 columns and then move into left column product pages.

Inside the columns you can have boxes or ‘blocks’.

website design and boxes

Website design and boxes

These blocks often hold navigation bars, shopping cart summaries, recently viewed info, promo ads, ‘widgets’, images, or just plain text boxes.

So that’s the basic overview of a wine store website design structure

What do you think?


  1. Wow it is amazing.I think I should try it into my

    Ecommerce Website so that it can get a lot of visitors..
    Thanks for this blog.I’ll share it with my friends.

  2. We follow this same procedure in our website development company. I like your column options tutorial with images.

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