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Wine.com web design

Arguably the largest wine store online in the world.

They probably have the biggest presence in wine drinkers minds if not SEO and PPC.

They offer a large range, ratings, reviews, shipping deals, virtual cellars, recommendations, and wine guides. An impressive site indeed backed up by deep pockets.

The home page is using a left column design

Note: the blue-grey black bordered boxes are my overlay of the website design structure, almost always Header, Body Column(s), then Footer.

wine.com Home Page Design

wine.com Home Page Design

The product page is also using a left column design:

wine.com Product Page Design

wine.com Product Page Design

Some other notable points about the web design

  • an expanding menu over all the ways people search for wine, wine.com use to have a more simpler design so I’m guessing they’ve tested this and found that it converts better
  • the split on shop, gifts, wine club, and wine accessories (I must write a post about the product segments of an online store but essentially it’s these)
  • a very busy page with lots of promo boxes and distraction
  • excellent product listing – succinct and to the point
  • If you look at the product detail page they use winemakers notes, critical acclaim, drinker reviews and lists.

Excellent website from one of the big guys.

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