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mywinesdirect website design

“Fine Wine at Great Prices. Expertly screened by a panel. Free shipping. Discount wine and Wine Sales.”

Savvy operators. Along with wine.com I’d rate these guys at the top of the industry Search Engine Marketing (SEM) game.

Note: the blue-grey black bordered boxes are my overlay of the website design structure, almost always Header, Body Column(s), then Footer.

Their home page has a right column structure

mywinesdirect Home Page Design

mywinesdirect Home Page Design

Then they use a left column structure for the product pages

mywinesdirect Product Page Design

mywinesdirect Product Page Design

Other notable features

  • super interesting navigation and search system, its by wine style rather than region and varietal (maybe because they offer lots of private label brands?)
  • the website is deceptively simple, I wonder whether they have done extensive A/B tests of their webpages to see which design converts the best.

Respect. I’d love to see their playbook.

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