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No one knows you? Wine blogs a wine retailer could advertise on

Over the last few weeks I’ve been looking at which blogs a wine retailer should be associated with.

It’s been a frustrating journey at times because the data I need just ain’t available.

Yesterday I thought I’d found my first recommendations – Dr Vino and Vinography. But, alas, the data was again problematic.

Here’s a quick review of what I’m doing with wine blogs

I’ve gone back a step 🙄 . Given the paucity of data and the wealth of quality blogs, I thought I should be clearer about what I mean by “associated with”. Specifically what is the objective of working with a wine blogger.

In my previous post I outlined the various social media objectives

Social Media Objectives, Metrics, Types and Funnel DiagramThey were in the form of a funnel with Branding > Engagement > Information Gathering > Purchase > Customer Service on one side.

And Awareness > Consideration > Preference > Purchase > Loyalty on the other.

In the middle were the social media types and measures of success.

My conclusion was, rather than have one list, to nominate the best wine blogs, based off particular objectives, with specific measures. This may mean the same blogs. Or it may not.

One of those objectives is building Awareness and Branding

One way of building awareness is to do good ol’ standard advertising. The most well known internet advertising network is Google, specifically DoubleClick banner ads or (usually text) Adwords ads (I haven’t analyzed Yahoo/Bing, direct, or other ad agents for this post, maybe I should?).

Why would a wine retailer advertise on a wine blog?

If you are a wine store that is struggling to gain awareness then I recommend you advertise on blogs your target audience visits. Not the ones your business partner visits, your Mum or that hottie down the road. Nope, blogs that your customers visit.

You may be struggling to gain awareness because you’re:

  • new and have just opened
  • on a side street not the main street
  • don’t have a good (and well optimized) website
  • lost in your competitors’ advertising “noise” e.g. Grocery stores, BevMo or wine.com or a crafty fine wine retailer down the road

Specifically and in detail

Google Adwords Location Setting eg Beverly Hills

Google Adwords location setting example: Beverly Hills

I would recommend you use the Google Places feature of Adwords to localize your advertising to your city if not a 20 mile radius (plus CBD). See more about my thoughts on Adwords here, it’s easy but there are some things to keep in mind.

I am cheating, a little

This series of posts is about Social Media and I’m recommending traditional media 🙄

In my defense

Firstly, you’re trying to get in front to your target audience and they are likely to be on these blogs. So even though you’re not interacting with them directly in a strictly social media sense, you are at least getting in front of them to build up your awareness in their minds if not their wallets (in future posts we’ll look at ways you can directly engage with your audience).

Secondly I can remain completely open and transparent in my process as these Google tools are published tools.

Here’s the data

Here’s the data from Google Adwords Placement Report for “wine”

See my previous post Using DoubleClick to find the best Wine Blogs for the DoubleClick list.

According to Google’s advertising tools, Adwords Content/Display network and DoubleClick network the only ones are:

And to be fair they also usually come up near the top of the 15 tools or blog lists I’ve been using.

I wanted to make this my advertising recommendation (for free blogs) and yet…

… the following blogs also accept Google ads:

  • dinersjournal.blogs.nytimes.com/
  • rosnay.blogspot.com/
  • spiritofwine.blogspot.com/
  • 1winedude.com/
  • anotherwineblog.com/
  • biggerthanyourhead.net/
  • blogwinecellar.com/
  • spittoon.biz/
  • wineanorak.com/

So why haven’t these been presented by Google?

Firstly I’ve chosen the US only. So perhaps wineanorak, spittoon and rosnay do not show for this reason (UK, UK and Australia respectively).

And… I’m still investigating why the other don’t appear. If you have any ideas please comment below and I’ll follow up.

I’m guessing that to be shown you have to have a certain minimum number of page views. This would ensure that Google directed advertisers to sites that earned more money than the smaller sites that didn’t. Or perhaps I’m being too cynical.

An Initial Recommendation

Regardless of the reason I think I can safely make a recommendation that you advertise on vinography.com and drvino.com to drive awareness of your store.

As to the others – more investigation required.

Any ideas or thoughts? Please comment below.

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