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Using DoubleClick to find the best Wine Blogs

I’m working out which wine blogs a wine retailer should be “associated with”.

I’ve collated an initial list of the top 28 blogs (based on blog search engines) and now I’m looking to find which ones match a small wine retailer’s target market. For more background start with this post about wine retailers and wine bloggers.

The problem at this stage in my process is assessing whether they attract the right sort of high value customer. Working out relative size is easy, if not completely accurate, but fit of audience is much harder.

The target market is

  • Image-Oriented seek information and will believe more expensive wines are better quality.
  • Experimenter wine drinkers are keen to receive advice, will act on a knowledgeable sales person’s recommendation, and like to try different wines.

Which make up about 40% of the wine drinkers. These two segments are likely to be male, tertiary educated, earning over $75,000 per year who seek advice and information about wine. The Experimenters know lots about wine, Image Oriented know only a little.

doubleclickOne way to track down this group is to use some new tools that Google has released to small businesses. Previously these were only available to larger agencies but Google has integrated them into Google Adwords care of their product DoubleClick.

Demographic Media Planning Tool

It is called the DoubleClick Ad Planner. It has some fantastic demographic media planning tools. Here’s their overview video:

Ad Planner Overview Video

There are a whole series of related videos by Google on youtube if you want to find out more, but for my purposes I just need a way to evaluate wine blogs against a target audience.

I’ve defined the target audience as per this screenshot of the DoubleClick settings (image to right).

Wine Target Audience DoubleClick

Wine Target Audience settings in Google DoubleClick (click to enlarge)

This gives 88 wine related sites in the US market that DoubleClick and Google have public demographic stats on.

The Results

Wine Websites Graph from DoubleClick

Wine target audience. Graph from Google DoubleClick (click to enlarge)

The graph to the right is a little messy but it still tells an interesting story.

The vertical axis is the audience size as a % of the country demographic (“audience reach”), the horizontal axis is how concentrated the audience is for the site (“composition index”). The size of the bubble reflects Google best estimate of a combination of both (“Best Match”).

The best way to read this graph is start at the bottom left hand corner and work your way up to the top right hand corner. Those that are near the top are large (numbers are relative only), those that are to the right are much more likely to be our target audience.

Google identifies the best candidates using size of bubble and they would certainly be good candidates for advertising to our target market.

The best and largest ones (that accept advertisements and comments) are snooth and wine-searcher. Interestingly they are also the best specialist wine comparison shopping sites. Wine.com is a competitor to local wine stores so we can ignore it. A good middle range one is cellartracker as well as some wine magazines, experts, and wine stores. There may be some possibilities in this group.

Some smaller websites that have a very good target audience include winesandvines and vinography. The could well be some more gems in there but the graph’s tag are cumbersome. So here’s the full list for your own analysis:

The Bad News

Only one of our blog sites is on this list so it doesn’t help me assess audience fit.

The Good News

It does show some great sites for advertising on. There do seem to be some good wine related sites out there whether that’s for a banner ad or a text ad.

So although this exercise was worthless for my purposes 😉 , the post could be helpful in working out your internet advertising plan.

The journey continues. Any thoughts so far?


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