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The Top 28 Free Wine Blogs – an initial list based off Blog Search Engines

I’ve been looking into what wine blogs would be best for a wine retailer. The best in terms of how many sales you would get from being associated with them.

To read more about the process so far check out:wine blog list image

In the posts above I’ve been painstakingly working my why through the first of the three steps.

The three steps being:

  1. Come up with an initial list. This will end up as a manual process so I can’t do it for all 500+ wine blogs.
  2. Come up with comparative traffic volume (e.g. Alexa). I also need it by demography to fit the target audience.
  3. Use quality factors to rank them such as how many authority sites link to them (a kind of “page rank”).

Note that this is about free wine blogs, so some very good but (partly) fee-incurring blogs have been put to one side for their own list in another post 🙂 .

Here’s the results of Step 1.

Initial list of Wine Blogs

Selected blogs designated with an *. Also listed in the original Google docs spreadsheet (which is easier to read).

The blogs were selected on the following basis

  • In the Google Blog Search top 10
  • In the PostRank top 3 (EDIT 6/8 : Cinderalla taken out (store not blog, replaced with vinography)
  • In the Yahoo Directory top 3
  • Enobytes has top rankings in Google Blog Search and Technorati. Catavino has top rankings in PostRank, Ala Wine, Blogbridge. On the Wine Trail in Italy has top rankings in Technorati, Ala Wine, Blogged, Wikio. James Goode’s has top rankings in Alexa, blogs.com, Cellarer, Food & Wine, Top Wine Blogs
  • The following have 1 medium authority blog search listing + 1 other listing: Savour Each Glass, Basic Juice, Elevage, The Cavemans, Spirit of Wine, Brooklyns Guys, Bigger than your Head, My Wine Education.
  • High Authority Blog Search Engines: Google Blog Search, PostRank, Yahoo Directory. Medium Authority: Technorati, Alexa, Ala Wine.

So was I objective and transparent?

I reckon I have been transparent. Certainly up to the “1 medium authority blog search listing + 1 other listing” blogs where I had to be a touch subjective about how authoritative the blog search engines were (I’ve also previously had to be subjective in deciding what is a free blog vs a pro blog or online magazine).

Was I accurate?

To the extent that I’ve chosen 28 top wine blogs for the start of August for wine retailers I reckon I’m very close. Blog Search engines apparently weight more recent posts higher so you could say this will change (but I don’t think by much).

EDIT: Wonder why vinography didn’t make it further up the rankings?

However if you think I’ve made a mistake please comment below, I’m very open to any ideas and feedback.


  • List is not a ranking (yet).
  • This an initial list only – based on the Blog Search Rankings in the columns.
  • In my previous post I mentioned that Technorati search and directories were a little frustrating so I ended up using Google search to search Technorati. Google search operators were: site:technorati.com/blogs AND intext:Authority inanchor:wine OR intext:wine -video -pitches


  1. FYI, Google blogsearch is first customized to your habits. Second to your region, so this ranking does not necessarily apply to someone in another region. Also Alexa is useless under about 100,000 monthly visits. It can't track that, and since there around 5 at the most English wine blogs that reach this, it's a metric that has no value if you hope to evaluate the group as a whole.

    Also many of the other rankings have very little relevance for wine blogs. Many are great for Tech, Travel and otherwise, but can fail miserably with Wine. Not sure why, just an observation I have.

    Also on a personal note, we did win an award this year! 🙂

    In all, I'm not sure the value you get from this. I love that your trying, just don't see how I would use this for my clients to help them sell more wine.

  2. BruceMcGechan says:

    Thanks for your comments Ryan. It is tricky, and as you'll see from some future posts that I'm currently doing research for, it get's tricker depending on what your objective is.

    You are right you did win an award but the ones listed above are for the Best Overall Blog. I'll correct that description in the notes immediately (apologies).

    It's a good example of what I'm trying to do actually. Here's the results:
    Best Wine Blog Graphics, Photography, & Presentation: Good Grape
    Best Industry/Business Wine Blog: Criteria: Good Grape
    Best Wine Reviews on a Wine Blog: Bigger Than Your Head
    Best Single Subject Wine Blog: Criteria: New York Cork Report
    Best Winery Blog: Criteria: Been Doon So Long
    Best Writing On a Wine Blog: Catavino
    Best New Wine Blog: Criteria: Swirl, Smell Slurp
    Best Overall Wine Blog: Criteria: 1 Wine Dude

    So you have some great websites judged on different criteria. The criteria I'm creating is based purely around small wine retailer objectives (my tiny place in the blogosphere 😉 ).

    (NB I did allow for Google blogsearch region (&gl=us) and personalized search. Though, in retrospect, I could have added an extra parameter to my search URL to completely turn off personalized search.)

  3. Bruce, kudos for your analysis. I know how much time this sort of analysis takes. Thanks for the hard work and results. ~Pamela

  4. Bruce, kudos for your analysis. I know how much time this sort of analysis takes. Thanks for the hard work and results. ~Pamela

  5. Anonymous says:

    You’re welcome Pamela.

    I hope to end up with a good way for wine bloggers to rate themselves regardless of what I may post. With luck it may also show bloggers what to focus on in order to do better with the Googles and technorati of the internet world 🙂

    Gotta say this is an interesting area though. My plans to start a facebook post series are about 3 weeks behind!

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