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Latest Wine Social Media & App Seminar Slides and How it has Changed

These Wine Social Media and Mobile App Seminars were held in five towns in New Zealand in November 2012. They covered (1) Wine Social Media and (2) Wine Mobile Apps. I also briefly covered how geolocation or ‘Local’ is changing internet marketing as well.

Seminar Presentation Files

To download the files or read it in bigger format click on “View on slideshare” to the bottom left of the SlideShare player, this will take you to the SlideShare website where you click “Save File” to download the presentation (you will need to login to SlideShare using Facebook or sign up for your own Slideshare account).

These Seminars are Incrementally Changing

Thanks to all the feedback from attendees we keep updating the seminar. We also add in significant changes in social media and mobile apps. Internet marketing is also changing in particular the geo-location development which I’m now building into the seminar. We have a watching brief on whether we think it is worthwhile also using other social media sites like Pinterest and Google+.

Here’s some commentary on the seminar and changes since we last did it in September.

Wine Social Media section

I look at the remarkable size of wine social media with various stats but insist that it just one part of a wider marketing plan and not a saviour of a winery.

Paul Mabray made the comment once that socialmedia is a bit like voicemail, if someone left you a message on your office phone you’d at least listen to it and respond if necessary – likewise social media.

I look at various ways that social media can be approached included Sean Corcoran’s Owned-Paid-Earned and Charlene Li’s Involvement Pyramid (Reader, Sharer, Commenter, Producer, Curator) paradigms. Then talk about the importance of influencers.

One part of the seminar that I am developing more is ‘Brand Voice’. It is from the realisation that brand management is becoming increasingly important to internet marketing. I introduced this message into my November seminars. I’ll also do a post about this. As a teaser watch Rand Fish’s view on brands, “All of these worlds, these worlds of usability and user experience and social and SEO, are all coming together. It’s not just classic SEO anymore. It’s not just social media marketing anymore. It’s not just content marketing. If these practices don’t work together, we don’t really get optimised the way we want to.”.

I keep talking about making sure you have your social media objectives and strategies thought through before embarking on campaigns. I wonder if this is too abstract to seminar attendees but given its importance I’ve kept it in. One to work on explaining better methinks.

I spend a lot of time talking about Organic (i.e. unpaid) Facebook marketing and EdgeRank because of it is central to driving social media engagement.

However now I’m also discussing Paid Ads as the pragmatist in me accepts the need to build community and pay for cut-through despite the idealist being discouraged by the need to pay for my fans to see my posts. I have a few slides on the six different sorts of Facebook advertising.

I’m still using the standard Facebook marketing approach of Connect – Engage – Influence.

I’ve added an example Content Calendar as plan to develop the theme of content marketing in future seminars as if you think about it most internet marketing comes back to great content that people want to read and then act on.

The beast practice winery slides are now split into the following themes or categories:
Vineyard Photos
Winery Photos
The Company People
Customer Photos at Events
Photos of Tasting Room Customers
Asking for and Sharing Fan’s Photos
What Should We Do?
What are You Drinking?
Asking Questions
Pop Quizzes & Competitions
Sneak Peek at New Release…
Integrating Twitter + Facebook
Topical Humour
Someecards & Humour
Write the Caption Contest
Finish this Song… Caption this Photo…
Finish this Sentence…
Fill-in-the-blank, Thursday is for ……
Food & Drink Recipes
Food: Recipes and Pairing
Wine Info
See the last post Facebook Wine Best Practice: Wineries that are doin’ it right for some more examples.

The influence section now includes a slide that illustrates how we are trying to influence our Fans’ friends. Then follows up with examples.

I’m also starting to talk more about twitter. I use the Brian Solis and Ruth Barrs approaches of building real relationships rather than just spam. Also the idea of resonance via RTs as a key metric.

I continue to bore everyone with metrics 😉 , how do you know if you’re successful if you don’t measure. The good news is that vintank’s Social Connect makes this an easy and interesting task. I’ve also added in a section about utm coding.

I talk about Facebook Insights but dismiss it as being too focused on Impressions and Likes and not on the more sensible stats of comments and shares (as well as videos, full size photos, and event joins).

The vintank.com Wine Directory and Social Connect software continues to be presented as does the eCommerce tab plugin. I mention the vintank vision of social media management being integrated with customer relationship management so you can see what your customers are buying as well as saying.

The Wine Mobile App section

I introduce the size of the market and why people use mobile so much. I put the context of social around mobile and point out that in the latest version of the Apple operating system iOS6 Facebook and twitter is integrated into an iPhone and iPad. An illustration of the overlap in social and mobile is how people on wine tasting tours are likely to be using an iPhone and iPad (Check-In and Offer promotional opportunities).

I’ve sped up the technical section and say that mobile websites are a must, the difference between web apps and native apps, and how to brief a developer. I’ve now added in some best practice examples as well.

Push notifications have such a parallel with email marketing that I spend a bit of time going through the challenges with these.

Wine SoMoLo Location section

I finish with some hints of where this seminar will develop by talking about Groupon, Foursquare, Yelp as well as local advertising and SEO.

Thank You

Lastly I have to thank all the attendees for feedback. It is these comments that have led to a continuous improvement in what I present. Likewise the insightful comments and questions I get during the seminar itself.

The next round of seminars are likely to be in February or March 2013.

If you have any comments or there are any subjects you want me to cover in future seminars please comment below.

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