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How to Rank Wine Blogs – a DIY rough and ready approach

I’ve created a simple 4 step way to rank wine blogs.

It ain’t perfect. So while I work on a more robust way I’ve outlined this simple DIY approach below you can use yourself.

Bit of Background

Over the past few weeks I’ve been looking to compile a list of the top wine blogs for a wine retailer to be associated with.

Switchbacks to Timpanogos Cave

It’s been a winding journey full of reverses, switchbacks, dead ends, beautiful scenery and the odd desolate desert with dried out corpses.

Half way through I jumped into a helicopter to get a big picture view of where I was heading, then found some good roadmaps, and continued to the end of my chosen road(s).

And I promise that’s the end of the analogy ;).

It’s been made harder by wanting to remain objective and transparent

I want specific measurements of performance –  measures that come with a good description of the methodology and seem to be reasonably accurate.

Actually what I really want to do is directly link a-revenue-objective-to-a-social-media-objective-to-a-social-media-tactic-with-a-particular-media-type. Which has a specific measurement of performance. Phew, its hard just to say that…

And its even harder to find the data to do it

Good data at any rate.

Not that I couldn’t just make an estimation. For instance I could create an algorithm that looks like this

MyLocalWineStore Top Wine Blogs Rank =
(volume weight % * compete rank index) +
(authority weight % * SEOmoz rank for home page index) +
(engagement weight % * PostRank engagement score index) +
(target audience weight % * DoubleClick Composition Score )

Where index is a relative figure. And the weights are, well…

What are the weights?

This is where I would have to become completely subjective. Something I’m willing to do privately with clients, but not in a public way that offends good honest hard workin’ wine bloggers.

So I won’t.

However I’ll show you how you can do it for yourself. I’m also looking at some more promising social media measurement tools to add to this list.

DIY Blog Rank

1. Choose a blog you want to rank yourself against – perhaps it’s one of the top blogs, or just another local wine bloggerPostRank scores wine blog

2. Go to compete and enter your blog and the other blog address. In the drop down box change Unique Visitors to Compete Rank. Note the Compete Rank numbers.

3. Go to Open Site Explorer and enter your blog, and then the other blog address. Take note of the Page Authority numbers.

4. Go to PostRank and enter the rss feed. To find this copy the link from the orange square. It usually has feed in the URL perhaps like this http://feeds.feedburner.com/xyz. Add up and note the last 10 scores for your blog, and then the other blog.

Now you have comparative figures for volume, authority and engagement. None of which I’m completely happy with but the world is not perfect…

You could also weight them depending on whether you prefer volume, authority or engagement.

There are other measures that I’m looking at too.

Other social media measurement systems

Social media measurement systems/software are either very expensive (US$500+ per month) or have serious limitations in their cheaper/free versions.

I expect them to become cheaper and better in the coming months as competition sorts out the wheat from chaff.

So while I wait for this winnowing process (or convince one of them to give me a free trial upgrade) I thought I’d give you a way you can rank blogs yourself.

Feel free to put any results in the comments below!

Photo courtesy of Switchbacks to Timpanogos


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