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Your local retail advantage will get even bigger: twitter

I’ve said elsewhere that facebook may take over your google advertising by 2012. That your local advantage is significant. But the more I look at what goes on in the social media space the more interested I get in twitter. Here’s a post from Mashable,

Everyone from Yelp and Foursquare to Google are trying to serve local businesses. Google’s pushing its Place Pages like never before and finding as many ways as possible to push those pages in front of consumers when and where they’re most relevant…

As for Twitter, it is positioned better than anyone to roll out business services that serve local retailers. We know business services are on the road map, but what we envision is something even more tailored to local interests that combines data from check-in tweets and place data in a business dashboard. Such a dashboard could not only display analytics and information around tweets coming from a place of business, but the effects and influence of those tweets based on who’s tweeting what, and where.

I reckon this is hugely exciting for local retailers

For far too long they’ve been struggling to get the recognition they deserve from the internet gatekeepers: google, facebook, twitter, yahoo etc.

Now more and more tools are helping local interner browsers find much more relevant information – because it’s local.

Watch this space! The days of the big national internet retailers dominating this space are coming to an end (I hope, okay, maybe not) .

What other local advantages do you see on the internet?

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