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Wine SEO: Increase Web Traffic via the URL

Boost Wine SEO (search engine optimization) by improving URLs

This is part of a series of showing wine retailers how to make a wine retail website rank higher in the search engine results.

What’s a URL?

A URL is what you type into a web browser e.g. http://www.mylocalwinestore.com is a URL, also known as a web page address or http address … you know what I mean right.

The name of the game and Wine SEO

Now remember the name of the game is for Google to rate you highly for certain search term queries or keywords (listed in this previous post). Most of the time there is also a human element where people may click or not depending on your copy.

So here’s our example,

Andrea’s Vineyard Merlot Napa Valley
This Napa Valley Merlot is made in an intense fruit forward style and reveals a combination
of black berry fruit aromas of plum, cherry, blueberry with a complex long after taste, …

The URL is in green. Let’s compare it to our poor example,

Tony’s Wine Store
Tony’s Wine Store offers a great range of wines at great prices with personal service. Find
out what specials we have on today and buy it online.

We have two audiences – Google and those good ol’ humans. Both of them are going to be confused or skeptical about avnb1232?mnp+cfsd.asp.

But it get’s even worse.

Say a customer recommends on their blog that a wine be purchased through your website. They won’t bother making it pretty, they’ll just copy and paste whatever URL they see.

If their readers see,
then they’ll be a lot more reassured that the URL is taking them to a relevant page than,
avnb1232?mnp+cfsd.asp .

Make your URLs unique to the content of the page – for the robots and the humans.

So how do I do this on a wine eCommerce website?

If you’ve read my previous posts on search ( search 1 , search 2 ),  then you’ll read that I think most eCommerce software does a good job providing custom title tags and meta descriptions. It’s not always the case with URLs.

An easy way to check is to find one of their clients sites, click on a product page and check out whether the URL is complete gooblygook or has the relevant keywords in them.

Magento makes it real simple. You choose System>Configuration>Web> Search Engines Optimization. Then, Use Web Server Rewrites: Yes .

Next post: Easy Navigation.

Feedback request: wine.com does keyword URLs, who else does?

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