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Wine SEO: Increase Web Traffic via meta description

Boost wine SEO (search engine optimization) using the meta description tag.

This is part of a series of showing wine retailers how to use wine SEO to get higher rankings in the search engine results via

So what’s so great about this meta description thingy and wine SEO?

Like the title tag it tells Google what the page is about. Whereas the title tag is restricted to just a sentence, the meta name description tag can be a short paragraph. You don’t want it too short or too long, nor do you want to duplicate it across pages.

So let’s go back to our search engine result example,

Andrea’s Vineyard Merlot Napa Valley
This Napa Valley Merlot is made in an intense fruit forward style and reveals a combination
of black berry fruit aromas of plum, cherry, blueberry with a complex long after taste, …

Google will look at your page and aim to find a snippet of text that best describes what the page is all about. It may decide that this description is best. Or it may choose another snippet if it thinks that offers a better description.

Your aim is to recommend the description that you think is representative and will get people to click on your link.

If Google agrees then the black text in our search result example above will be displayed. Note that the consumers’ query words will be bolded in this snippet as well as on the other lines.

So what’s a meta tag description?

There are two parts to a web page the body, which is what everyone reads, and the head which is not displayed but is an essential part of each web page. I promise to keep the technical stuff to an absolute minimum!

Essentially a web page is html code that is made pretty for readers.

The web page is ordered and structured like this

  1. I’m an html page
  2. Here’s some stuff you need to know about how to present me to humans, search engine robots, and other software
  3. Here’s my content for humans to read

Still reading? Phew cause I’m about to ask you to read the code of this page.

Go to your browser menu, you’re looking for Page Source . This is usually View>Page Source.

A new page will open and at about line 11 well be the meta name = “description” content =”…” tag.

Where it says content =”…” is what the Google robot reads and may use in it’s search engine results.

If you want more information about html then you can get some basics from this website .

So how do I do this on a wine eCommerce website?

For every product there’s usually a form with meta title, keywords, and description that you fill out. Meta keywords are no longer considered by Google so ignore this field.

In the case of the magento ecommerce system it’s on the product set up page and is called Meta Description. The normal (but not necessarily the best) practice is to fill this out with a short tasting note.

My next post will be all about URLs.

Got any tips for meta name descriptions? Too complex, too simple? Please let me know.


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