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How To Leverage your Local Wine Retail Business Advantage

This is the start of a series on a wine retailer’s local business advantage.

The US (and UK) internet wine markets are super-competitive

There are some very capable players especially: wine.com, BevMo, MyWinesDirect, Vinfolio, WineExpress, KLWines, and Wine Library. Each has one or all of,

  • a point of difference
  • great SEO or PPC
  • ratings, reviews and recommendations
  • a community
  • range and price

However I still believe there is a large gap in the market for local wine shops on the internet.

The Local Wine Market

As sophisticated as the national competitors are they cannot offer the ability to pick-up or quick delivery.

Nor can they offer the face to face trusted personal service that a local retailer can.

Even wine.com, with all its warehouses is going to be restricted in just how fast it can deliver to your local customers. Even BevMo doesn’t have stores in every township in CA. Most wine drinkers (90%?) will drink their wine the same day or weekend they get it so they’re reluctant to wait for next day, or 3 day, delivery.

This is the gap in the market for most local wine retailers. It can be supported by very specific “local”  Search Engine Optimization & Marketing (SEO & SEM) techniques. And by staying local you also avoid the inter state shipping compliance issues in the US.

In fact I’m so convinced local wine retailers can take it to the supermarkets and liquor chains of the world I’ll show you how to exploit this in a short series of posts of which this is the first.

What % of your online business is local?

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