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Wine Marketing: How many women are you getting in your wine store?

I’ve just been speaking with a senior wine industry figure and he has pointed out the issues that a traditional wine specialty store has with women.

Many wines stores are full of fantastic wine. They accurately reflect what the wine store owner loves, and can speak passionately about if given half a chance.

However that may not be what much of the local market wants

The market may actually want more Californian Zinfandel, German Riesling, or to explore Chile, New Zealand and South African wines. It may be a hot summer with red wine really struggling to sell (I love Pinot Noir but I can’t drink it in 35C / 95F during the height of summer).

What’s more it may not be what half the market wants: half the wealthy market, half the market within 15 miles, half the market that is – women

Women may want more sauvignon blanc (currently the case in Australia) or they may want French rose champagne. Definitely already cool from the fridge, to drink soon after purchase.

Women may want to have assistance as to what they already are/could be enthusiastic about, rather than the retailer is enthusiastic about. Not paternalistic advice but truly friendly helpful advice.

Perhaps they aren’t so comfortable talking to a man in a dark store surrounded by wines they have no interest in. Funny that 😉

But if the shop also sells specialty cheese as well as wine, has women sales assistants or managers, has lots about food and wine, perhaps even an espresso machine, then you could start to take back that 50% of the market. The female half.

The supermarket now owns women, unless we can get them back that is

So ask some female friends to come in and give you a female’s view on what you could do to attract half your market.

One way to give potential female customers all the information in an environment they’re perfectly comfortable in – their home or office – is the internet. Also ask your female friends to check out your website for any glaring faults.

What else are we doing wrong with this high volume side of the market?

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