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Wine Marketing: Different Wine Consumers (1)

If we can understand why people buy and consume wine then we can create better ad copy, website content and emails. So I’m doing some of posts on different wine consumers, or “segments”.

I’m also constantly doing my own market research and asking wine industry people for their thoughts.

This wine drinker segmentation is based off analyzing Amazon wine book categories. It provides some excellent ideas on website content.

Strange but true, let me describe what I’ve found out.

Wine Segments – from Amazon wine book reviews

Amazon splits wine books into the following

  • Wine Tasting Methods
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Pocket Guides
  • Travelogues
  • Atlas
  • General Compendium
  • Encyclopedia

Tasting Methods.

How to drink it. Written versions of a wine tasting course covering the various senses (eye, nose, mouth), storage, glassware, cellaring.

Reviews and Ratings.

What to buy. Carefully indexed and organised books that cover very specific wines often from a particular region. Now slowly being superceded by websites.

Pocket Guide.

What to buy. As per above but smaller and shorter so you can take it to a store. Now slowly being replaced by iPhone and mobile apps.


Good stories. To quote one review, “a wine lovers guide to places to dream about and wines to drink while doing so”. Full of maps, personal stories, vineyard stories, tends to be old world.


About Wine. Full of maps, diagrams, and descriptions of geography in a graphical format.

General Compendium.

About Wine. Description of regional AOCs, DOCs, and some maps.


About Wine. Information on varietals, winemaking, maps, regions, chemistry, viticulture, history, data, old vs new world…everything really.

Wine retailer relevance?

Obviously the Reviews and Ratings.

If your business is about a particular niche you could use the other books as prompters to write SEO attractive content. For example the rock star who owns a vineyard in Sonoma valley, helping the harvest in rural France, 100 clones of Pinot Noir, the Burgundy AOC.

Including photos, maps, diagrams will certainly appeal to some segments.

My following posts will look at what I consider to be the best published consumer segment study and related to that how consumers reduce purchase risk.

What intrigues you about this list?

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