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Wine Internet Marketing: Why use social media, it’s not that obvious

I’m a keen supporter of social media because it gives you reach.

I’m yet to be convinced that social media will give you sales

Which for a direct response marketer this is a quandary.

Here’s the argument for social media from Socialcreeper.com ,

Why Socialize? # 1
Because 67-Million Americans used online social-networks in an average month during 2008

Why Socialize? # 2
Because 2/3 Of The Global Internet Population Visit Social Networks

Why Socialize? # 3
Because Visiting Social Sites Is Now The 4th Most Popular Online Activity – Ahead Of Personal Email

Why Socialize? # 4
Because While 14% People Trust Ads, 76% People Trust Consumer Recommendations

There’s lots of great resources on this site that I’m going to sift through. I’ll be looking for something that proves social media gets good sales conversion.

And proves is the missing link in a post I would love to do that said something like, Twitter and Facebook gives you Sales, Proven.

This is why I support social media for wine internet marketing

It’s a great information resource, it lets me keep up with my friends, you can help people, helps your credibility, but it also gives you reach.

Reach is advertising jargon that means a large percentage of the population sees your advert.

The sister to reach is frequency. This term refers to the number of times a person sees your ad in a month (or other nominated period).

When a media planning agency recommends a media plan, usually TV, it will be on the basis of how many people you can reach, how many times (which is known as TARP, last bit of jargon!).

Advertisers who use this measurement of ad planning and success are mostly concerned about brand exposure. Sometimes direct response companies will use it using the rule of the thumb that you need to show consumers the ad more often to get a response than to get simple brand awareness. But really it’s for brand campaigns.

So social media helps you get awareness of your brand by putting it in front of lots of potential customers.

The missing link, and what I’m investigating, is does this reach actually lead to sales

Not from someone’s conjecture and opinion but through research and/or testing.

What solid proof of sales have you seen?

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