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Wine Internet Marketing: How to Use Twitter

Ken McCarthy is one of the few people I seriously follow. He seems to be able to absorb all that’s going on in the internet world, sift through it and find the actionable ways to improve your business vs artificial hype.

And he’s just done this with how to use Twitter, here’s an except from his blog


Twitter without the BS by Ken McCarthy

Why is it so hard to get practical advice on using Internet promotional tools?

Everything in Internet marketing seems to come wrapped in a ton of hype and BS and few appear able or willing to strip things down to their basics. And believe me, it’s no easier for me.

Finding a straight, concise answer about anything in Internet marketing is ridiculously hard whether you’ve been at it for 16 years or 16 minutes.

Twitter is a perfect example of this.

First, the news media made it look ridiculous… to read more: Twitter without the BS


It’s well worth the read. In essence rather than streaming verbal diarrhea, his words not mine, you send out very short headlines on topic of interest to your customer base, with short url links for more info back to your website.

So your article section or blog may have a headline saying, “Latest Bordeaux Releases: Some Real Surprises”. The blog then goes on to say that the whole vintage is poor except for this area and these brands (of which you happen to have in stock for a short time only).

Your twitter message would say “Latest Bordeaux Releases: Some Real Surprises see http://short-url-here”.

At no time would it say, “Man I’m bored, I might have a coffee, then read a magazine”. Irrelevant and Ken would call it, well, diarrhea.

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