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Wine Internet Marketing: Five Wine Store Sub Markets

You can segment (or group) wine consumers in many ways (see my posts on Different Wine Drinkers 1 – 2 – and 3).

There are also a number of wine internet marketing submarkets within wine online stores

  1. Wine Gifts
  2. Wine Clubs
  3. Single Wine purchase by individuals
  4. Corporate beverage purchases including wine
  5. Special events such as weddings that include wine purchases

Looking at Google Adwords bid prices, ‘wine club’ is more than three times as expensive as the others, suggesting that this is the most successful keyword in the market. Though also the most competitive, probably because of the value of repeat customers.

I’ve put in the keyword ‘wine’ below as a teaser to be honest, there is more to this word than meets the eye (for example see my post about ‘wine’ and Adwords ).

Keywords Estimated Avg. CPC Estimated Clicks / Day
wine club $15.14 154
wine gift $5.28 281
wine corporate $2.79 4
wine $2.03 8,589
wine wedding $1.89 23
merlot $1.19 159
chardonnay $0.94 185

Source: Google Adwords: Traffic Estimator (US, UK, CA, AUS, NZ). Broad Match.

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