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A wine retail eCommerce store in 2019, end of an industry?

I’m reading lots of predictions about the end 2010 so I thought I’d make some predictions for the end of this decade.

Google will:

  • ask how much you want to spend – and provide the impressions, clicks or conversions or actions of some type to that budget
  • will suggest wine bottle prices (see below)
  • then it will route them to the Google best practice eCommerce store – branded as your own
  • take payment – using its own bank and payment service
  • and provide shipping services – this time with third parties such as Fedex.

The content

Will come from consumers of course. But also expert reviewers such as traditional wine media and critics as well as all powerful bloggers. Google will probably collate the reviews into a feed you can place on your product page.

The competitors

You will be competing against Amazon, Bing, Yahoo and Google like you do currently with supermarkets. Except you also rely on one particular supermarket for advertising and online retail space – Google.

Google may even suggest price points for the best level of sales contribution i.e. gross margin * volume. Yes, price wars will be nasty and regular.

Oh, get real! That could never happen

Actually we’re a quarter of the way there already – Google checkout and Google Conversion Optimiser. The latter automatically runs your PPC campaign.

I do think the threat of anti-trust action will be the restrainer rather than the technology. Phew!

Also I’m optimistic about Google. Yes I’m a naive fool 😉 . I think Google will help those who continue to ride the wave of technology change. Just don’t fall off!

Your success will rely on your ad copy and the landing page content

This will be the only part of the online sales process that needs human interaction. Apart from the normal retail skills of customer service and range selection.

This copy will depend on how well you understand your customers as well as your copy writing skills.

The wine however will continue to be made from grapes

Wait a sec, didn’t Google put out their own branded wine! Or was that another high tech company?

Controversial? You bet, so how do you think things will pan out?

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