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New Website, New Support, New Book

MyLocalWineStore.com has been updated!

It is all to do with the book that is about to be released, How to Sell Wine Online (released in about 1-2 weeks time). Each chapter is packed with tips and techniques on how a wine retailer can sell more wine on the internet.Book How to Sell Wine Online

Some chapters are easy to follow, like the Customer chapter, other chapters are a little more difficult, like Internet Advertising.

Some chapters are controversy free like the Mobile chapter, others will attract debate like a Frenchman & a Californian comparing a good bottle of Cab Sav Merlot – I’m thinking SEO here.

For some advanced internet marketers this book will have occasional advanced insights amongst standard wine internet marketing practice. For some less internet savvy wine retailers this book may be perfect in parts but tricky in others.

New Forums

And for this reason I’ve added Forums to MyLocalWineStore.com. Each forum is married to a chapter of the book to allow questions to be asked, topics debated, and strategies updated as technology moves on. You don’t need to have purchased the book to participate but it helps (a lot).

At the end of each chapter there is a Resources section with a question, “Visit my website to discuss or ask questions about …” and a website address. This address goes to a new hub page that shows the latest blog posts and forum posts. It also sometimes shows other resources depending on the book such as:

  • Wine Store Financial Statements
  • Customer Survey questionaires
  • Links to recognized experts

These hub pages become the new centres of the website.

So can non retailers take part?

Absolutely. Although this website is geared towards the small local wine retailer, most of it is applicable to wineries and internet marketers in general. I encourage anyone to take part that has something constructive to add. Note however the aim is to boost the success of a small wine retailer first and foremost.

The local wine retailer has so many advantages in the internet world despite the treacherous waters it sails in, the book and blog shows how, and the forum and service provides support along the way.

Check it out!

Ideas or criticisms? Comment below.


  1. Looking forward to reading this.  Big fans of your work.

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