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This will make you cry – shopping cart abandonment

I’ve always found shopping cart abandonment dispiriting!

But don’t worry it’s not just you, it’s every other merchant as well.

Charles Nicholls of SeeWhy says (in 2009/10),

the shopping cart abandonment rate averaged 73 percent in the first two weeks of January, some 12 percent higher than the low of 61 percent recorded on December 16. While the abandonment rate usually falls during the Christmas period, these are still huge swings, reflecting the impact of Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, public holidays, and January sales.

This is evidence of the link between abandonment rates and bargain seeking behavior, but it could also potentially indicate widespread out-of-stocks for popular lines.

See everyone else has this problem as well. Actually they might be in a worse position…

What do you think a reasonable target rate for a wine retailer should be? Frankly I’m thinking the industry rate of 60-70% is about right and can only be reduced a little through clearer freight costs and simple one page checkout.

Perhaps I’m just being too negative?

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