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Wine Adwords: Increase Click Through Rate

How to steadily improve your wine adwords results through testing

This is one of a series of posts for wine retailers wanting to have a go at wine Adwords for the first time. This is what we’ve done so far:

  1. We created an Adwords account then launched a text ad.
  2. We looked at the difference in broad, phrase and exact match keywords.
  3. We looked at each part of the ad copy: Headline, Description lines, URLs.

Here’s our ad:

Napa Valley Merlot
Favorites In-Stock and Easily Found
Buy from the Widest Range of Merlot

Let’s do some testing to increase our click through rate

We’ll create a second ad that tests which headline drives more clicks and sales conversions. That ad will have one simple addition to the headline, the word “Boutique” as follows:

Boutique Napa Valley Merlot
Favorites In-Stock and Easily Found
Buy from the Widest Range of Merlot

(Remember the Destination URL should go to the Napa Valley Merlot page not the home page.)

We do this by clicking on the campaign we created in our Google Adwords account. Then the Ads tab > New Ad > Text Ad.

Notice the following

  • We have not changed anything else. If we did then we would be unable to isolate the reason for any difference in the test (an ‘A/B split test’).
  • We changed the headline because that’s the most powerful part of the ad copy.

I may have chosen ‘Boutique’ because I might have noticed that my best customers were wine enthusiasts who like to explore little known boutique wines (actually they exist see this post about Experimenters).

I also do the following crucial step

I click on my campaign. Then Settings > Advanced Settings (at the bottom), expand Ad delivery: Ad rotation, frequency capping and edit Ad rotation.

Change this to Rotate: Show ads more evenly and Save. (Ignore the yellow warning).

What we’ve just done is to get Google to show each ad evenly over time so we can choose which is the best ad – not Google.

Depending on your traffic you can then check to see which ad works the best by comparing the click through rates (CTR). Once you have found the winner, you delete the loser and create a new ad to test something else.

Get large CTR increases over a year by getting small increases over a month

The amount of traffic depends on you. My rule of thumb is at least 200 impressions for each ad . This sacrifices certainty of the test vs speed of testing. I want to quickly improve each part of my sales process, including the ad copy, so I can get larger overall increases over a 12 month period.

Large companies with lots of traffic may wait for 200 clicks or even 200 conversions (sales) before making a decision. They have the luxury of traffic which a small business does not.

What would you test and how often do you wait?

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