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Wine Adwords: the Ad Copy

Writing your wine adwords ad copy

This is one of a series of posts for wine retailers wanting to have a go at Adwords for the first time.

Quick recap form the previous posts

  • We called the campaign Varietal
  • Make the Ad Group Name: Napa Valley Merlot
  • Headline will be: Napa Valley Merlot
  • Description line 1: Wide Range, Great Prices!
  • Description line 2: Your Merlot Expert
  • Display URL: www.YourWebsiteHere.com
  • Destination URL (http://): www.YourWebsiteHere.com/NapaValleyMerlotCategoryPage.html
  • In Keywords put the following on separate lines: Napa Valley Merlot then “Napa Valley Merlot” then [Napa Valley Merlot]

We outlined the difference in broad, phrase and exact matches.

Now we’re going to look at the text of the ad, or it’s ‘copy’.


  • I would always recommend you have your keyword in the headline as per above.
  • It’s what people are searching for and their query words will be in bold.
  • Some people believe that headlines can have 50%++ influence as to whether your desired action results, not just for Adwords but also landing pages and sales letters as well.
  • Don’t put your store name in there, it’s not about you – rather it’s about the consumer solving their search problem.


My example above is pretty bland to be honest it needs the following:

  • A call to action e.g. buy or order now.
  • Something that is relevant to our target market, though Your Merlot Expert isn’t too bad e.g. line 1: Widest Range of Napa Valley, line 2: Merlot in Texas. might be better.
  • Different consumers want different things – indeed a good part of my career was working this out. For example why does someone drive a Mercedes: usually Status. Why does an aspiring businessman drink a Rousseau Chambertin Grand Cru at a restaurant when he doesn’t know much about wine: the same reason, Status. See my four posts on Different Wine Consumers for more detail about wine consumers.
  • Expressed in the feature – benefit approach e.g. line1: Widest Range of Merlot, line 2: Favorites Easily Found.

Display URL

  • Usually www.YourWebsiteHere.com but sometimes relevant subdomains like www.YourWebsiteHere.com/Merlot can work well.

Destination URL

  • It’s one thing getting people to click on your ad, it’s quite another to get that converted into sales.
  • The best start to this process is having a relevant and congruent landing page.
  • In our case the URL would go to a Napa Valley Merlot page, or at least a Merlot Page but not the home page!
  • Your searcher is trying to buy a particular wine, make it as easy as possible rather than forcing him to start his search again from the home page.

Landing pages, consumer research, testing different ad copy, testing landing page copy or ‘optimization’ are also important and I’ll cover later.

What ad would you write?

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