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Wine Adwords: Your First Campaign

At some stage you’re going to see so many neighboring businesses start Google wine adwords campaigns you’re going to want to try it out yourself

As long as you’ve got a website then I reckon you should just jump in – at the shallow end.

Excuse the learn-to-swim analogies, I’m teaching my 3 year old to swim. Now I didn’t just throw him in the deep end, I know some parents do that but I’m not that brave.

I started off in the paddling pool, carefully staying within arms length. Then played around in water that was up to his neck, started blowing bubbles…whole head under water, kick wildly around, jump into the pool into my arms, not into my arms and then finally not even when I was in the pool! Bit of heart-stopper but his grandparents were within reach.

In this series of posts I’ll follow the same process.

So if you’ve ever wanted to have a go at wine Adwords, follow these simple posts

Sign up to Google Adwords

It’s really easy, follow the instructions. Use your google account to sign in, frankly its easiest just to get a gmail account and use that as your sign in.

There are 2 editions and we’re going straight past the Starter Edition to the Standard Edition. (Forget the paddling pool, we’re going straight to the shallow end of the main pool!)


I’ve used both credit card and internet banking to manage payments. Perhaps reduce your risk and just use internet banking for this first time. $20 will be fine.

It can take a couple of days for the banking to go through (credit card will just require responding to some verification emails). But you can start making a campaign regardless of funds.


Just jump in and Create your First Campaign

  • We’ll just call the campaign Varietal, we can change this later.
  • Choose your city or even suburb. Do not choose All countries and territories!
  • Choose English if not selected already.
  • Ignore Demographic
  • Select Networks > Let me choose > and leave Google search ticked but untick search partners and Content (keeping things measurable, something that I’ll go over in future posts).
  • All the rest is fine until Daily budget. Put in $20, if you use that amount in one day its all good! But you won’t.

Save and Continue.

You should now be on the Create ad group page

Choose your a varietal and region that you stock lots of or even specialize in, lets say its Napa Valley Merlot.

  • Make the Ad Group Name: Napa Valley Merlot.
  • Headline will be: Napa Valley Merlot
  • Description line 1: Wide Range, Great Prices!
  • Description line 2: Your Merlot Expert
  • Display URL: www.YourWebsiteHere.com
  • Destination URL (http://): www.YourWebsiteHere.com/NapaValleyMerlotCategoryPage.html
  • In Keywords put the following on separate lines: Napa Valley Merlot then “Napa Valley Merlot” then [Napa Valley Merlot]
  • Ignore Placements
  • In Add Group Default Bids make the bid between $0.50 and $1.50. The higher it is the quicker you’ll see results. I don’t necessarily recommend these as default bid prices.

Save Ad Group -> and you are now LIVE.


In actual fact you’re probably “Pending”. Don’t worry, an issue with the wine industry is that Google will tag our ads as adult only and of need of approval. You’ll see them go “Enabled” in the next day or two.

I’ll talk you through what we’ve done and what we should do in future posts.

Easy huh?


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