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Wine Adwords: “new wine” an opportunity or trap for a wine industry advertiser?

I got real excited about this the keyword phrase new wine. I saw 1000s of searches.

New Wine!? That must be what may people call a new vintage or a new release, a bit odd but if that’s what they’re searching for…

In fact I decided to check it out and did a Google search

And what do you know – the top 2 listings are for a church group called New Wine.

Followed by a Norwegian electronica band on myspace called The New Wine.

Then it was new wine records.

Then it was new wine into old wineskins.

Then it was wine glasses.


Actually there was no wine listings at all on the first page of Google

Add that phrase to my negative keyword list! Along with linux, mp3 etc.

Now given the religious overtones of wine, what about the phrase blood into wine…?

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