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Ways a Wine Retailer can use Mobile Marketing

There are lots of ways a wine retailer can use mobile marketing:

  • location based services, local review sites (LBS, “geosocial”) e.g. SCVNGR, yelp, foursquare
  • mobile coupons eg groupon
  • local search e.g Google Places/maps, yellow pages
  • mobile sites
  • mobile apps – iPhone, Android; own, other company’s
  • mobile advertising
  • QR codes/label image recognition/Google Goggle
  • mobile payments – paying for goods via the mobile phone
  • mobile eCommerce or m-commerce – mobile website with  catalog and shopping cart
  • social mobile eg twitter, facebook
  • SMS – text messaging promotions
  • MMS – picture messaging promotions

iPhone and mobile marketing
I’ll cover the more important ones in this new series on mobile marketing.

But before we leap to the tactics, let’s have a look at the most likely objectives and strategies for using Mobile Marketing.

Objectives and Mobiles

Most likely your key marketing objective is something about increasing sales. Simple huh, but let’s break it down a bit.

Are you having problems with:

  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Conversion
  • Repeat Purchase
  • or all of them?

The thing is you could generate a heap of traffic to your business but if your website isn’t converting the traffic, then it’s best to concentrate on conversion first. Or perhaps you’re doing well with first time buyers but you just can’t get loyal customers? Let’s look at Engagement and Repeat Purchase.

And everyone is sure they have a traffic problem so we’ll look at that too.

The point is not to say, “mobile is sexy, let’s do mobile“.

Rather, what’s the best way we can achieve a particular marketing objective? One of the ways could well be by using mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing

Wine Spectator appLet’s say we are targeting a segment called Image Seekers.

We know that they like – lots of information about wine before they can even come into the store, and when they’re here we often don’t have time to give them all the information they’re after. These are the guys that often seem to pull out their iPhone and starting tapping away on the VintageChart+ Wine Spectator app!

So how we can we boost our business from Image Seekers?

Possible Tactics:

  • More and better shelf talkers in-store with reviews and wine ratings.
  • More information on our website for wines that we want to sell more of with ratings and reviews.
  • Let’s try connecting the two – QR codes on the shelf talkers
  • Check how does our website looks on mobile – do we need to do something, perhaps even create an app?

… and I’m sure you’ll have other better ideas on how to help this particular customer type.

Note that the issue, as I’ve described it, isn’t buying wine on the mobile just browsing for information.

Let’s take a different slant

Say we targeted Traditionalists. We know Traditionalists shop at retail locations that make it easy to find favorite brands. They may want to buy their favorite wine while on the train, bus, or traffic jam on the way home from work. It’s not clear whether they will stop and pick it up or want delivery. They do want particular brands with super convenience.

So what can we do for these guys?

Possible Tactics:

  • Mobile app they can download to their iPhone, iPad or Android phone. This app makes it super easy to browse and buy their favorite wine from the phone.
  • Brainstorm with staff as to whether you can offer delivery between 5-7pm each day. If the staff can’t do it then perhaps you can tie up with a pizza delivery company or may be just a courier service. Otherwise it’s pick up only.

What about the segment Enthusiasts?

They like to browse the wine section, publications, and are influenced by wine ratings and reviews. They’re super passionate about wine and love discussing it with other like minded people.

Possible Tactics:

  • Location Based Services – if they’re nearby we’ll send them an invitation to a tasting event.
  • Twitter – we’ll send out tweets about which wines we love (and stock) and hate (and perhaps don’t stock).
  • Forum or Blog – we’ll set up a forum/blog on our website that can be accessed by a mobile phone. The blog will encourage comments to boost the interaction with our more passionate customers.

Ready-Fire-Aim vs Ready-Aim-Fire

Thousands of ideas, many of them very cool, so it’s very tempting to take the one that appeals to you the most and Just Do It. From, er, experience 🙄

Yes I admit it – I suffer from “techno love” and keep reminding myself to look at the marketing objectives first not the technology.

We can only afford to do a few of these due to budget or our time. By looking at the business objectives and target segments we can nominate the choice that will make the most difference to our business.

Having said all that I think the following are mobile marketing technologies that are likely to come up as sensible tactics in your marketing plan:Android logo

  • Mobile websites and apps
  • Local Review sites like Yelp which have high mobile usage
  • Mobile Advertising
  • In-store usage e.g. QR codes
  • Mobile eCommerce or m-commerce
  • Location Based Services like Groupon and SCNVGR
  • Maybe SMS – though I’m worried this is becoming redundant as smartphones slowly take over.

So that’s the plan over the next few weeks. Which you probably can’t read till January as you’re in the Thanksgiving to Xmas holiday rush!

But when you have the time, what are your thoughts, have I missed a key one?

Photos courtesy of: iPhone in Hand, Android logo, Wine Spectator

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