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Chapter 8. Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Wine Marketing Online

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  • “Google+ Local” may now be called just “Google+”, though that’s not official.


Google+ Local

The Local Search results page has changed (in June 2013). In this search for “Chicago Wine Stores” (Google US, from a Chicago geo-location, 15 July 2013) it now has a carousel, with each business in it’s own box, along the top of the page rather than as part of the search engine results. Details include a photo, a review score, number of reviews, and business name. Click to enlarge:
Chicago Wine Stores - Google

Clicking on the Binny’s listing shows the search engine results page for Binny’s with a Binny’s “One-Box” on the right hand side. Reviews are very prominent showing how Google+ is taking on Yelp head on.


Yelp has also launched the Yelp Platform (eCommerce through an API) that allows fast food companies to sell their products through Yelp. Could be worth keeping an eye on though I imagine liquor laws will probably stop Yep offering this service to wine businesses.

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