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Extending Engagement: Showing your Fans’ Friends your Posts

Time to amplify all those great posts to friends of Fans. We’re going promote our posts to friends of fans who have interests we identified when doing our Graph Search. But not all of them, more of that below first let’s do a quick review.

Campaign structure mirrors the Sales Funnel

If you’ve been reading the last few weeks of posts you’ll see I’m starting to pad out the sales funnel:

Sales Funnel large
(The above image has less than 20% text and has ratio of 2X width:height. It’s been carefully designed for a Facebook Promoted Post Link ad, a discipline that is necessary if you want to constantly use promoted posts).

Note this same structure would look similar in Google-based internet marketing campaigns as well (SEO, PPC, Remarketing), but I believe Facebook ads are more powerful nowadays.

Thin is better than Flabby

We’re not going to promote them to all friends of fans, we’re aiming for an audience size of 1000-10,000 large. If it was 1,000,000 large we would not be able to work out which sub-group of the one million were interested in our ads, we would have large amounts of wasted impressions to people who didn’t care. Facebook will see our ad performance evaporate and stop showing our ad or charge us higher rates (and then you would be one of the people who says Facebook advertising doesn’t work 😉 ). We also may not have a big enough budget to target so many people.

And there is every chance the audience size could get very large. On average each Fan has 100-350 friends (depending on who you listen to), a large multiplying factor. If we have 1000 Fans and each has 350 friends then the friends of Fans audience will be 350,000 (in practice less because they will share some friends).

In this post we’re going to take our posts and promote them to friends of Fans with each ad audience reduced by interests and/or geography. Our primary aim is to increase engagement of friends of Fans. This ad is called the Page Like interest ads and you should do Graph Search interest analysis to find relevant interests.

The ads work so well because the ad audience sees their friends, in effect, endorsing your Page.

Page Like interest ads

The process here is almost the same as Promoted Posts for Fans.

Go to Facebook Ad Manager

Go to the bottom of your Facebook profile or Page and click on Create Ad.

Choose Page Post Engagement
  • Choose the relevant Page, and the relevant post.
  • If you’re (brave) certain you post good stuff all the time then you can check keep my ad up-to-date by automatically promoting my recent post. Once you really get into the swing of posting on Facebook you can/should click this, in the meantime only promote your best posts.

Page Post Engagement Ad

Edit Text and Links
  • We’ll see the relevant post on the right hand side in this section.
  • We will target friends of Fans a different way, so uncheck Sponsored Stories
  • We are only showing ads in the News Feed as these are much higher performing. Uncheck Right Column.

Facebook Ad Text section

Create your Audience and Interests

Type in the target market’s country and minimum age (or 30+ if you sell premium wine).

Interests section. This is where you put the interests you found when doing your Graph Search. For the moment put in one interest, I’ve chosen Wine Spectator. I come back to interests in the section at the bottom of this post as it is a key element.

Connections section:

  • Choose Advanced connection targeting
  • In the field Exclude people who are connected to type in your Facebook Page name. This way you are not targeting Fans (you will use other ads for this).
  • In the field Include people whose friends are connected to type in your Facebook Page name. This way you are only targeting friends of Fans.

Sponsored Story PP FOF Interests

  • Create a new campaign called Engagement (and add your other engagement type ads into this).
  • A campaign budget of $5 per day is fine for most small businesses for this sort of ad, you could even take it down to $2 (I’ll share a budget formula in another post).
  • You could choose to leave it running continuously or finish it in 5 days time, depending on how much you trust yourself to check your ads.
Choose your Pricing

The default should be Optimize for Page post engagement. If not, then click Switch to Advanced Pricing (includes CPC) and choose it. Its better to let the Facebook algorithms decide on your bid strategy.
Facebook Ad Bidding


In the Thin is better than Flabby section above, I explained why we’re aiming for an audience size of 1000-10,000 large. In short we want to more precisely target our ads to increase performance.

What we’ll do is add an interest and look at the Potential Audience box that is beside the interest field and see what the audience size is. If its small we’ll add in similar interests until we get to 10,000 but not more. If the audience is too big then we’ll split out the campaign into different regions: by country, by state or even by city.

In the example above there are 7600 people who live in the US, and are friends are Fans (“friends already connected to Wine Marketing Pros”), who like the Wine Spectator. Close enough to 10,000, I’m happy with that as a single ad. Now, let’s try bacchus beery wine blog…oregon wine country trail…chateau d’yquem…wine tasting…cork wine bar…

Want to go real advanced and have a large active community? Use the new ad types in Power Editor: Page Post Engagement > Sponsored story about people liking/commenting/sharing your post. This way when a Fan comments on your post their friends see this fact as a Sponsored Story ad in their news feed – double the performance of a normal ad.

Your thoughts? Please comment below.

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