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Finding new Fans: Building out your Tofu

TofuIn the last post we looked how to find what our target wine drinkers are interested in when it comes to Facebook. This analysis (using Graph Search) showed magazines, competitor Facebook Pages, and interests like wine tasting, food and wine, restaurants and bars, and various Facebook groups, as excellent ad audience possibilities.

In this post we’re going to take some of those interests and use them to find new fans. In the next post we’re going to take some of those interests and promote our posts to friends of fans who have those interests.

Ad’s Job in the Sales Funnel

Our aim with this ad type, Page Like ad (with interests), is to increase the number of Fans who come into the top of the sales funnel (“Tofu”). It’s sister ad is called a Sponsored Story Page Like ad which does a similar job boosting fans.

Increasing Fans through a Facebook Page Like Ad (with Interests)

Go to the Facebook Ad Manager and Create Ad.

Choose Page Like

And select your Page.
Page Like Ad

Select Images

This is the billboard of the Facebook advertising. You want an image that will stand out as someone scrolls down their News Feed. The official image size is 1200 wide x 450px tall, an 8:3 ratio, which will be reduced to 400×150 px on desktops and 560x210px on mobiles. Remember the 20% rule: text can be no more than 20% of your image.

Edit Text and Links

Page Like Settings

  • Add in a good headline (usually your brand name), up to 90 characters of compelling text with a call to action.
  • Unclick Sponsored Stories, we’re targeting friends of fans through a different type of ad. (Advanced advertisers
  • Landing view is your Timeline
  • We’ll only show it in the News Feed.
Create Your Audience

Put in your target country, ensure the age limit is above the drinking age.

Then add in your interest. In this case I’ve used the obvious one of Wine Spectator. But my previous post used Graph search to suggest interests like Bacchus and Beery, Oregon Wine Country Travel, and Wine Bloggers. You could also add these in separate ads, or the same ad if they didn’t have many people in the audience.

To see audience size look to the right of the interest (see image below). Once you select the interest that number will be added to the potential audience list of the ad. This is also a good way to understand the filters applied to the ad. In my case I see that the United States audience has been reduced to those of an age exactly 25 and older; Who like Wine Spectator; Who are not already connected to Wine Marketing Pros. The last one excludes existing Fans and should be preselected if you look at Connections section just a little further down the page.

The idea here is to only show it to groups of people 1000-10,000, preferably closer to 10,000. If I left the ad to play to all of the US, then my audience will be 400,000. It will be hopeless to analyze which cities are keenly interested in my brand, and my ad performance will be much worse. So, I know I have many Fans in San Francisco, if I select that city I bring the audience down to 7200 – good enough. Next I’ll build out my campaign across the target market cities. I may end up with scores or I may decide to keep it simple and only target major centers or areas I have distribution.

Page Like Ad Interests


Save the ad to a campaign that targets the top of the funnel. Let’s call it Fan Acquisition. Move your Sponsored Story Page Like ads to this campaign as well.

Budgeting is set for the campaign and is a topic all of its own. I suggest you have about $5 per day and run the campaign continuously.

Bidding and Pricing

Optimization should be set to Optimize for Page likes. If not change it by clicking on the Switch to Advanced Pricing link.

And you’re off.

Create a Funnel

Remember we’re creating a funnel. This ad won’t convert into sales, it will put people into the top of the funnel. We’ll use other ad types to warm up Fans, the ads in our Engagement campaign, and yet other ad types, the ads in our Conversion campaign to finally aim for sales (or leads).

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