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Facebook Wine Best Practice: Wineries that are doin’ it right

We are regularly tracking which wineries are facebook marketing experts, what they’re doing well and what lessons we can learn from them. MyLocalWineStore Facebook PageWe are finding the following categories of creative ideas:

  • Vineyard Photos
  • Winery Photos
  • Company People Photos
  • Tasting Room Customer Photos
  • Event Customer Photos
  • Entertaining or Informative Illustrations
  • Question: What should we do?
  • Sneak Peak at new release
  • Twitter handles
  • Question: What are you drinking?
  • Asking for Fan Photos
  • Asking for and sharing Fan photos
  • Pop quizzes and competitions

All of which we go through in detail in the seminars I’m running. We also put them up on our MyLocalWineStore Facebook page along with the latest news of Facebook marketing. For instance EdgeRank has been regularly changing and Facebook has been adding new ways to be visible. But I digress, here are some highlights from the MyLocalWineStore Facebook page.

V. Sattui Winery

Great example of Facebook Social Media. Used a heck of a funny photo of a mock wine label to encourage participation on their Facebook Page. 124 comments, 914 shares, 2500+ likes.
V Sattui Winery Facebook Post

La Crema Winery

A good example of topical humour with image, resulting in 392 shares.
La Crema Winery Facebook Post

Duckhorn Winery

Humorous play on winery name and cute animal in glass…! Nice one Duckhorn getting 121 shares and 612 likes.
Duckhorn Winery Facebook Post

Moms Who Need Wine

Humour + photo + great branding = 1686 shares. Call to action focused on sales makes this a nice sales post in engagement ‘clothing’.
Moms Who Need Wine Facebook Post

Gallo Family Vineyards

Nice idea to visually show the flavours that make up the wine like this. Combining a Recipe Contest (68 comments, 659 shares) with great photos of wine, food pairings, wine days, and funny National days, weeks and months got a lot of people engaged in June 2012. eg, “Pink Moscat Monday” (142 comments, 323 shares).
Gallo Family Vineyards Facebook Post

Kendall Jackson Wines

How well do you think making & posting a clever Flow Chart to help your customers choose the right wine for the right occasion to get the right outcome…can engage fans on Facebook? Kendall-Jackson did this one and it catapulted their Brand Rank from 34th to 4th on Winery Social Index. 989 shares! Their FB “Talking About This” score went up by 5469 people (from 1517 to 6986) and their likes grew by 351, in just 3 days. Awesome work Kendall-Jackson!
Kendall Jackson Wines Facebook Post

Wine Sisterhood

Facebook Savvy winery pages are periodically posting this message to ask their fans to hover over the like button on the winery Facebook page and choose (1) Show in News Feed, (2) Get Notifications, and/or (3) Add to Interests Lists. These are all ways around EdgeRank filtering. Here’s how Wine Sisterhood did it, nice one!
WineSisterhood Facebook Post

Every other day we post new tips and the lastest word of Wine Facebook Marketing

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Photo Sources: from the Winery Facebook Pages


  1. MikeMeisner says:

    Great examples. I’d also suggest looking at Adams County winery and Wine Folly; they post some high-engagement things on Facebok.

    • BruceMcGechan says:

      Two nice additions Mike!

      • MikeMeisner says:

        Thanks Bruce, this was a great post and is something that I think wine brands in particular struggle with. They get sidetracked by relevance without seeing the bigger picture. You shared some solid examples here, which pairs nicely with (and inspired) my latest post on “8 ways to create epic content for your wine brand” http://t.co/womrnTswuy

  2. cool post!


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