Getting Wine Internet Marketing Advice & Support

The Wine Internet Marketing Community for Wine Businesses

A community where we help each other use the newest tools of marketing to boost revenue. A community of wine business people solving the afflicting withering disease of poor wine internet marketing. A community for wine business people from the winery to the wine retailer, from Walla Walla to Central Otago to Margaret River.

What does this Community look like?


The forum is the village square where everyone congregates and discusses particular issues. It has the following areas:

  • The Square: an area for general discussion where any wine internet marketing question can be asked and discussed
  • Critique Cafe: a special area for seeking advice on websites (and Facebook Pages etc)
  • Special Reports: on important or topical wine marketing issues (available for a short period for free to members)
  • Course Noticeboard: details of upcoming workshops, seminars, mini-courses, webinars
  • Private Meeting Rooms: when members want to limit discussions to smaller groups, e.g. for regions or the shy
  • Tech Resources and Help: How-To Tutorial libraries, and tech questions for the tech aware to advise the tech lost
  • Action Oriented: for posting your short term projects, going public, getting encouragement

How-to Tutorials and Videos

57 Wine Internet Marketing Workshop videos covering wine and: Search Engines, Social Media, Facebook (news feed), Twitter, Social Media Monitoring tools, Google Adwords, Facebook Paid Ads, Email Marketing, Mobile Apps, Location Based Services, and Conversion Rate Optimization. With more being added every month.

In-depth Reports

Research and best practice recommendations will be put into reports that will be available for a few months free to members before being available to the public for purchase. These sorts of reports eventually make it into future books I write.

Early access and discounts to Workshops, online Mini Courses and Webinars

Workshops in your region, multi-week courses and webinars will be offered to members first.


How to Join

The community will open again in September or October 2013. Then it will be closed to new members to ensure that the community can flourish and be grown in a controlled manner.

The community opens to members for a short 7 day period. After that period, membership will be closed and people who have not signed up during that 7 day period will be put on a waiting list. The membership will then reopen to new members at a higher price in a few months time for a week before closing again so the new members can be paid due attention and helped to settle in.

To be notified of when the Community Reopens fill in your details in this form:

I hate spam too, only waiting list emails will be sent.


The price is to be confirmed but will be similar to other online marketing communities.

I look forward to seeing you in the Village Square!

Kind regards,

Bruce McGechan at Denniston

Bruce McGechan