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Whiteboard Winesday

Every Winesday, I mean Wednesday, Bruce and Tamara do a short video about important Wine Marketing Online topics using a Whiteboard. It's one-take, often outside, excellent mic, acceptable video camera 10 minutes of wine internet marketing love! ;) You can watch these from the start by signing up for "Get 5 Things you must know about Selling Wine Online".

Is Wine Email Marketing Really Dead?

Video. Bruce discusses whether wine email marketing is dead. He draws on research and outlines best practice strategies for wine businesses to sell wine using effective email marketing.

Wine Industry SEO Keyword Placement, CTA and Metrics

Video. Before they click on a webpage link in search results, people are looking for congruence. They want to see the keywords they’ve searched for in the blue line (your title tag), in green (your URL), and in the black text (your meta-description). In this Whiteboard Winesday video Bruce talks you through strategies to create different webpages aiming to get results re the different essential goals (buy, sign-up, etc.) on your website.

The Critical Factor of Wine SEO: Links

Video. To get 80% of people searching on the internet to click through to our web sites, we need to rank on Google’s page 1, ideally in the top 3 listings. SEO is a science in itself, but what we know is Links are hugely important. However, not just any links. In this Whiteboard Winesday video, Bruce outlines the do’s and don’ts and how to make sure you have the best external links to match and better your competitors.

Wine Industry SEO Keyword Phrases

Video. Using a Long Tail graph of Wine Keywords, Bruce explains how to easily use keywords suitable to you, so searchers will find your webpage over others’. What type of keywords are at the sweet spot of the Long Tail graph? Bruce explains how to identify the best keywords for your wine business, and how that affects what you write ‘On Page’ in your Meta-Descriptions, Anchor Text, Title Tags, etc.

Has this been helpful?

Video. Have you received the past 5 videos, and have they been helpful? Bruce and Tamara introduce who they are, and where they are located in New Zealand.

Facebook Marketing, EdgeRank, and Wine

Video. 73% of Core Wine Drinkers use Facebook. Only 16% of your posts get onto your fan’s news feed, because of EdgeRank. Bruce explains Facebook best practice and how to reach your fans and get past EdgeRank.

SEO, the Algorithm, and the Wine Industry

Video. An algorithm dictates your position on a search listing results page. This directly affects how much traffic goes to your site. Bruce describes SEO research into the algorithm and outlines 5 essential things you need to do to bring more visitors to your website.

Social Media, Why Should Wine Businesses Bother?

Video. For the time starved wine business, many of us have wondered if Social Media is worth the effort. In this Whiteboard Winesday video, Bruce answers that question with facts and figures that illustrate developments over time, and where we need to be heading with our wine marketing resources.

SEO Overview for Wine Businesses

Video. Getting more people into your sales funnel by making sure your website appears high up in the Google search results is really important. In this Whiteboard Winesday video Bruce outlines the essential basics you need to know for Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO. How search engines crawl, index, store, rank and present search results.

Wine Marketing Online Overview

Video. An overview of wine marketing online using a purchase funnel to make this complex process easy to understand including SEO, social media, Facebook, Twitter, mobiles, email marketing, location based services and internet advertising.