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Wine and Twitter

Wine businesses should use Twitter for the same reason as you should use Facebook — fish where the fish are. If your (potential) customers prefer to engage with your wine business on Twitter then you need to be there. The Wine Market Council research shows that 25% of Core Wine Drinkers use Twitter. The steps in using Twitter for business is similar to Facebook: (1) Listen, (2) Connect, (3) Engage, (4) Influence. The key measure of success ReTweets, how often your tweets rebound around the Twittersphere.

Who are the Top 150 Wine Tweeters?

This question has been answered in a number of different ways. Wine lists on the social media influence ranking engines are one way (Klout, Kred, and PeerIndex) but are very susceptible to gaming and don’t seem to have the mathematical genius and data grunt of Google’s algorithm and Facebook’s EdgeRank. Other wine business commentators have had a bash but have other issues. So I thought I would take a different approach.

I’d let six wine writers/bloggers/tweeters I respect, tell me, together. They are Jancis Robinson @JancisRobinson, Jamie Goode @jamiegoode and Robert McIntosh @thirstforwine from the UK, and Alder Yarrow @vinography, Steve Heimoff @SteveHeimoff and Tom Wark @tomcwark from the US. All of whom are active tweeters with a large number of followers who seem reasonably discerning of who they follow.

I used FollowerWonk, a twitter analysis tool made by some savvy internet people, to give me the data. Then analyzed that in a spreadsheet. I am only looking at what twitter accounts they follow – not who follows them – and I am ignoring any influence score (which I don’t trust for gaming, math and data reasons). Here are the results

How to use Twitter to Market Wine

The wine twitter community is huge. Here’s how to market to them, ideas on what to tweet, and various principles on how to market wine with twitter.

Twitter, BirdBrain, Mavens and wine – tech fermenting

We look at how to identify great wine tweeters in your local area. I’ll show you an interesting tool that might work called BirdBrain, then move onto some more Klout analysis and mash it up with some Tipping Point theory. I finish up with what should you aim for.

The Top Wine Tweeters – hello @SommelierSara!

SommelierSara was a surprise top 5 entry. Less of a surprise was garyvee, nectarwine, lenndevours, nytimesdining (think The Pour), and thirstforwine. All of whom scored in the 50s, with Gary at 60 and leading the pack. I like Klout. Rather than offer a simple top 10 list they are more subtle about how a social media person is important – not just that they are. It includes awareness, engagement and authority measures.