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Wine Social Media

Wine Social Media is big. Vintank, a wine social media tech firm, has measured over 300 million wine conversations and profiled 10 million wine consumers. Many winery Facebook posts gets thousands of shares. The Wine Market Research Council in 2011 found 73% of core wine drinkers used Facebook and 24% used Twitter. Arguably the largest community of wine drinkers, CellarTracker’s 236,000 members show that 21% of its viewers are aged between 45-54 and 18% have incomes of $150,000+. So why use social media? Fish where the fish are.

Wine Social Media: Using Social Media to Drive Winery Business…

In late January and early February I did three workshops in Marlborough, Wairarapa and Hawke’s Bay on using social media in the wine industry. I started off with the basic wine social media workflow. Then got into how many wineries in the Northern California are using social media to drive cellar door traffic using geocoding and customer context, called “social prospecting”. The slideshow is inserted with a short précis of the workshop.

Latest Wine Social Media & App Seminar Slides and How…

These Wine Social Media and Mobile App Seminars were held in five towns in New Zealand in November 2012. They covered (1) Wine Social Media and (2) Wine Mobile / Tablet Apps. I also briefly covered how geolocation or ‘Local’ is changing internet marketing as well.

Thanks to all the feedback from attendees we keep updating the seminar. We also add in significant changes in social media and mobile apps. Internet marketing is also changing in particular the geo-location development which I’m now building into the seminar.

Wine Social Media and Mobile App Seminar in Hunter Valley

Had another great group of attendees at our Hunter Valley Wine Social Media and Mobile Wine App seminar after doing the same seminar with another equally great group in Blenheim. The slide deck is included in this post care of SlideShare. We also did various software demos of Wine Directory, Social Connect and a new wine app.

Wine Social Media and Mobile App Seminar in Blenheim

This seminar covered (1) Basic Wine Social Media and (2) Wine Mobile / Tablet Apps.

Wine Social Media

Topics included:

Wine Mobile (and iPad) Apps

Topics included:

  • Why use it?
  • What is it: Mobile www vs Apps, Native vs Web Apps
  • New Wine App

Wine Stores and Local Social Media

Much of this blog is about wine and social media. It goes through Facebook, Twitter, blogs, social media monitoring, and various strategies. However there is a different perspective on all of this – the local perspective. Local social media is simply social interaction around a particular location, usually a city. It includes:
Location Based Services, Your Local Blog, Other People’s Local Blogs, Local Review Sites, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This post is an overview of what services you can use to boost your local results.

Passion, Champagne and, er, Supermarkets

NetBase social media research on 1. Champagne and 2. Supermarket Sentiment. Surprisingly Piper-Heidsieck does much better than Dom Perignon! Supermarkets are shown to have a complex issue with own-brands.

America’s Most Popular Wine Store? Social Research suggests it may…

It’s all about wine store range. And BevMo has it and, crucially, has the numbers according to some social research I’ve just seen from NetBase. NetBase kindly gave me the data and a demo on some of America’s most popular wine stores (plus a distributor): BevMo Total Wine and More K&L Wine Merchants The Wine Club National […]

Avatar Hybrid Bodies and Wine Social Media Market Research

Looking for that wine store idea that sets you apart from your competitors? The best way is to ask your customers. Another way is to gather customer insights into your business through social media research also known as netnography. In the movie Avatar Sigourney Weaver is an anthropologist who was studying another community by becoming immersed in it. This post is about something similar – immersing yourself in internet communities. The difference is we don’t use Na’vi-human hybrid bodies to interact with the natives of Pandora, rather we use the internet to get involved with other humans in their own internet environment. A little easier I think.

Does the market love you or hate you? One way…

I provide an overview of a social media research tool called ConsumerBase product. I’ll be using it to review some big US wine stores and will do a post on this later. It’s claim to fame is the ability to accurately measure sentiment – whether the conversations in social media love you or hate you. It uses a natural language processing alogirthm that looks at the sentence structure rather than just keywords. This post outlines why it’s a bit different and what I want from it.

Measuring Social Media Success: 3 NY Wine Stores and Social…

Can SocialMention act as a robust measurement tool of social media strategy effectiveness? Can it help measure the success of your blog, twitter, forum posts, facebook and external commenting strategies? I take it take it through its paces with some NY wine stores.

Monitoring Three New York Wine Stores: the quiet one, the…

Is a local competitor dominating your digital neighborhood? That is local blogs, twitter, facebook, blogs, video and/or wine forums? Here’s how to monitor what your competitors are doing in social media, for free. And, more importantly, it’s also a good way of tracking and responding to what people are saying about your store on the […]

Social media monitoring software and PR agencies – expensive meets…

I’ve been trialling some social media monitoring tools over the last few weeks, and I’ve just caught myself falling into techno-love. Or as Gollum kept saying in Lord of the Rings, “the ring, the ring“. These tools are shiny and bright, lots of fancy graphs with a thousand ways to cut up data. But I […]

Wine Retailers and Local Wine Bloggers – an opportunity for…

I believe a local wine retailer has a huge local advantage over large and online wine retailers in the internet world. There are many ways a wine retailer can take leverage this. One of these is to cooperate with local wine bloggers. Sure they’re not going to be as large as the top wine bloggers I’ve been reviewing. But you have some overlapping interests not the least of which is a similar passion for wine.

How to Rank Wine Blogs – a DIY rough and…

1. Choose a blog you want to rank yourself against – perhaps it’s one of the top blogs, or just another local wine blogger
2. Go to compete and enter your blog and the other blog address.
3. Go to Open Site Explorer and enter your blog, and then the other blog address.
4. Go to PostRank and add up the last 10 scores for your blog, and then the other blog.
Now you have comparative figures for volume, authority and engagement. You could weight them depending on your priority.

The Wine Drinker Engagement Pyramid and Socialgraphics

One of the best ways I’ve seen of deciding how to utilize social media in the wine world is the Engagement Pyramid. Watchers are at the bottom with increasing involvement and decreasing numbers as you move up the pyramid to Curators. It’s part of a strategy that asks
– where are your customers online?
– what are your customers’ social behaviors online?
– what social information or people do your customers rely on?
– what is your customers’ social influence? Who trusts them?
– how do your customers use social in regards to your brand?

A Wine Retailer’s Perspective on Social Media: why bother?

Let’s look at why you could be interested in wine social media, from a business objective perspective, not because it’s the latest marketing buzz word. Here’s a table I’ve compiled from my own general internet marketing knowledge combined with various social media expert that looks at Social Media Objectives, Metrics, Software and suitability – all from a wine retailer’s perspective.

No one knows you? Wine blogs a wine retailer could…

Wine blog advertising is one way to boost awareness, if that’s your objective. Using Google’s advertising tools the only ones (from my list) are vinography.com and drvino.com. And to be fair they also usually come up near the top of the 15 tools or blog lists I’ve been using. I wanted to make this my advertising recommendation (for free blogs) and yet… half of the rest also accept Google ads. So an initial recommendation is to advertise on these two and do some investigation into the rest.

Social Media Objectives and Wine Blogs

I’ve created a diagram of the interplay between social media objectives, success metrics, the Paid/Owned/Earned continuum, types of media, and the marketing funnel. In the end I decided that my social media objectives covered the lot: branding, engagement, information gathering, purchase and customer service. Each has its own success metrics. The conclusion is I should start to put wine blogs against objectives rather than have one list.

Wine Blog Traffic – some big differences between blogs

Estimating traffic volume using Compete. Compete has a 2,000,000 member panel but it’s not completely accurate so I’ve used their ranking system to come up with relative sizes of wine blogs. Wine Library TV, Vinography and Dr Vino do well but I have some gaps in the data because I can’t get data for subdomains. However a pattern is starting to emerge.

Wine Blog Engagement Scores – a surprising result

PostRank analyzes the “5 Cs” of engagement: creating, critiquing, chatting, collecting, and clicking. Using this method each wine blog is given a score for their last 10 posts, which is added up to give a total engagement score. The highest possible score would be 100 and I’m impressed with how many are scoring well. The stand out is “another wine blog” with a score of 75 – holy cow they’ve beaten Wine Library TV!