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Wine SEO

Wine businesses want to rank higher in the search engine results because they’ll get more traffic. Position 1 on the results page gets almost double the traffic of position 2. Likewise position 2 vs 3, 3 vs 4 etc — think of a logarithmic scale. Wine SEO is all about attempting to be in those top results. In a nutshell a wine business wants to get lots of links from relevant high-authority websites for the keywords that matter to a particular wine businesses. Preferably with keywords in the anchor text links. The keywords that matter are usually varietal, regional/varietal and product name phrases.

The Local Wine Store & Tasting Room Search Comeback

Google can work out if your potential wine consumers are nearby, and will weight this location advantage as high, if not higher, than page links from high authority and relevant external websites.

International Wine Marketing, Websites and SEO

Managing SEO when you are selling to different countries, different languages and a country with more than one language is technically difficult SEO. Google struggles with this, as do we all. Specifically the problem is whether you have multiple websites each targeting a different country and/or language or whether you have one website with multiple sections. I’ll flesh out this issue first using Wine Regional Marketing Organizations as an example. The answer is: Apple.

Local SEO and Wine Stores in 2011: an Update of…

Google is putting more focus on local businesses and location services. In this post I go through all the things you can do to make sure your local store is at the top of the search rankings. It is an update of the blog post I did back in Feb-11.

Local Wine Stores on Local Search: the Top 10 Things…

A survey is done each year to see what Local SEO experts think the most important factors are. I go through the top 10 here from a local wine store perspective. In 2010 they included: 1. General Importance of Claiming Place Page; 2. Business Address in City of Search; 3. Associating Place Page with Proper Categories

Wine SEO in 3 words – High Quality Links

Wine SEO is about four things: Trust/Authority of the Host Domain (i.e. “www.the-domain.com”) Link Popularity of the Specific Page (i.e. “www.the-domain.com/the-specific-page.html”) Anchor Text of External Links (i.e. this is what anchor text looks like ) On-Page Keyword Usage (e.g. keywords in the title tag – usually seen at the top of your web browser) EDIT […]

The Internet Emperor says faster, so I turn to the…

I redesigned MyLocalWineStore to make it faster. I replaced the theme and logo, and made the content easier to find. The key way I improved performance though was through an optimizer, specifically W3 Total Cache, but there are many you can use as well. I cover why I did this and some other reasons why I changed the design.

The Top 5 Online Wine Stores in the US

The top 5 by SEO factors only. Not by any usability tests, sales, content, wine range or other consumer factors – just industry SEO analysis for the broad term “buy wine”. Wine.com is miles ahead of anyone else. Winebuys is behind the rest of the pack. It’s the middle of the pack that are in a serious battle for spots 2 and 3.

How a Cheese Store did better than a Wine Store…

Showing how to do better on Google by analyzing the search engine results for local wine stores in CA 90210. The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills is ranked in the top two places in local search and organic search. Now perhaps they are famous in Beverly Hills but check out their site. This cheese store has 686 external links from 250 unique websites. This little cheese store for Pete’s sake! Okay – they also sell wine, but not prominently on their website. Photos of the store suggest perhaps one third to one half wine and the rest in cheese? Let’s dig a little further into what’s going on

The SEO Problem with Normal Wine Retail eCommerce site Set…

The problem is around categorization and I get a little technical on ya, so please bear with me. I first outline how to categorize your wine eCommerce website for search engine optimization – luckily this is very similar to how you do it normally, but with some exceptions. The second part of this post discusses those exceptions. It is all about theming your website and using links to show search engines your theme.

Are you using Wineries’ Wine Descriptions? If so, you have…

Copying wine descriptions isn’t really an issue with wineries given that they are usually very happy with wine retailers using their “poetry” (note there are copyright issues). The issue is really with Google. Google is smart. It is very user focused and knows that searchers do not want the same content for every link in the Google search results page. So Google detects duplication of page content. Google knows if a wine description is a duplication of the winery’s description. It only wants to include the “best page”. Google probably regards the “best page” as the winery’s product page*. Therefore the winery will get the ranking for it’s own page. The rest of the pages will be either discarded (in SEO language made “supplemental”) or given a poor ranking for organic (“left side”) search results.

How to Rank Higher than your Competitors in a Local…

Local Search is more important for the local wine retailer selling wine online than the normal SEO guidelines you may read about

Local Retailers Selling Wine Online have a Seriously Big Advantage

The advantage of being a local wine retailer close to a customer’s location – the Location War between Google, Yelp, Foursquare etc

Your local retail advantage will get even bigger: twitter

I’ve said elsewhere that facebook may take over your google advertising by 2012. That your local advantage is significant. But the more I look at what goes on in the social media space the more interested I get in twitter. Here’s a post from Mashable, “Everyone from Yelp and Foursquare to Google are trying to serve local businesses… As for Twitter, it is positioned better than anyone to roll out business services that serve local retailers…”

Wine SEO: Local Search and Review Services like yelp

This continues my latest series of posts on local internet marketing for a wine retailer. There are a number of local search and review services such as yelp.com and judysbook.com that offers searchers the chance to assess local businesses. In yelp’s words, “Yelp is the fun and easy way to find, review and talk about what’s great – and not so great, in your area.”

Wine SEO: Google’s Local Business Center

Other great features on the Local Business Center: Statistics, Coupons, Photos and Video, and Reviews. Adwords as per normal but also along with your local business address. Your local address will come up on the right hand side of the Google search results page. Talk about STAND OUT

Wine SEO: 80% of What Your Customers Buy is Within…

80% of what a person buys is within 5, 15 or 20 miles of their residence – you have a natural advantage as the local wine retailer. So despite how competitive the big national internet retailers are you can still get your fair share of what is probably a large local market. In fact many people go online in the belief that their sales will be mainly national whereas they remain local. How to do set up your wine retail business on Google Local Business Center

How To Leverage your Local Wine Retail Business Advantage

This is the start of a series on a local wine retailer’s local business advantage. The US (and UK) internet wine markets are super-competitive however I still believe there is a large gap in the market for local wine shops on the internet. As sophisticated as the national competitors are they cannot offer the ability to pick-up or quick delivery. Nor can they offer the face to face trusted personal service that a local retailer can

Wine SEO: Increase Web Traffic with Great Content

Useful and compelling content. If you draw people to your site through great content then Google will start to notice and rank your site higher. Which means more people will visit and comment (on blogs, forums, email, chat, various social media sites) which Google will notice. Which means you get more visits that Google will notice …a virtuous circle.

Wine SEO: Increase Web Traffic via Navigation and Sitemap

In this post we look at how a wine retail website’s navigation can boost search engine rankings. Your navigation should: make it easy to go from general to specifc content – not too many levels (3-4 max?); use text based navigation; use breadcrumbs; and a useful error page

Wine SEO: Increase Web Traffic via the URL

In this post we look at how a wine retail website can improve the structure of their URLs to boost search engine rankings. A URL is what you type into a web browser e.g. http://www.mylocalwinestore.com is a URL, also known as a web address or website name or web name… you know what I mean right. We have two audiences – Google and those good ol’ humans. Both of them are going to be confused or skeptical about avnb1232?mnp+cfsd.asp. But it get’s even worse…