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Wine Retail Stores

There are some very significant advantages of being a local wine retailer compared to a national online retailer. The key advantage is simply the lower freight cost of shipping relatively heavy physical products - the customer effectively takes care of fulfillment and delivery. Most consumers want the convenience and information of a website, but don’t want to wait for delivery, and do want the trust of a local store. What's more, it is said every $1 of online sales drives $5.70 of offline sales (Macy's CEO).

Wine iPad Apps and Wine Retailers – what’s the real…

I’ve spent a few months now researching the wine iPad world. There are some good wine apps but no one really addresses the real problem that the iPad can solve. The real problem with selling wine is not the technology, there are many capable wine software solutions out there, it it not with the retailers, they are as technically proficient as any good American business, it is with attracting wine drinkers who buy lots of high margin wines.

These wine consumers, called ‘Enthusiasts’, are the nuggets of the industry and drive 29% of the wine industry profits.

Wine Retail Store of the Future

Helping wine customers experience wine, and sales people selling wine, by using technologies such as iPad, NFC payment, in-store eCommerce and a new store layouts. The start of a new series on Wine Retail Stores and Technology.