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Wine Internet Marketing

Wine Internet Marketing is all about a process. If you think of the marketing funnel: at the top is wine drinker Traffic, in the middle is Engagement, at the bottom is Conversion and eCommerce, followed by Repeat customers.
(1) Traffic — increase web traffic to your website through search engines, advertising, wine comparison shopping engines
(2) Engagement — build trust, reputation, and rapport using social media such blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and wine forums
(3) Conversion — convert traffic into sales through good copywriting, testing, user
shopping experience, and suitable range and market prices
(4) eCommerce — have a good wine eCommerce website i.e. online catalog,
shopping cart, and order administration system that works smoothly
(5) Repeat Customers — turn new customers into repeat customers and hopefully advocates by using email marketing including wine clubs

The Wine Marketers Dilemma: Knowledge has Both Saved Us &…

When myself and my peers in the wine marketing and technology industry talk about the opportunities of the plethora of superb tools, we rapidly lose people in the complexity. We have assumed that they can absorb the complexity in the way we have. Has wine internet marketing complexity exceeded the normal marketer’s individual ability to utilize its benefits? Here’s my thoughts, some research and opinions.

Paso Robles is the King of the Internet and Argentina…

I’ve looked at 61 Wine RMOs and ranked them based on how well they do in Google Search, Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Media. In ranked order, the top three are: Paso Robles, Oregon and Argentina.

7 Ways to Successfully Market Wine Online

Webinar outlining 7 actionable practical ways you can do to drive more traffic and sales through your website on 1 October 2013 using Facebook & Google

My Napa Book Launch Speech Notes: tails, dates & hypnosis

Here are the speech notes for my book launch of “Wine Marketing Online” at Copperfield’s Books at Bel Aire Plaza, Napa at 6pm on 1 August 2013. I cover wine, Google, social media & Facebook.

How can Small Wine Businesses get Expensive Advice for Very…

The Dichotomy of no budget and yet need big budget agencies. The small wine business needs the agency help however the small wine business can’t afford to pay fees. The agency wants and needs these clients but can’t afford to charge less! A New Model has been developing where, instead of relying on an agency to do the work, the small business person learns the 20% of marketing that will give them 80% of the results (hello Pareto). They have access to an expert and other people like themselves. The expert can answer many questions efficiently and quickly using forums with the help of the wider community. The expert creates courses, how-to videos and articles that teach that most important 20%.

Building a Wine Marketing Community to battle Elephants and Aphids

Though our vines may be healthy the balance sheet ain’t doing so well. The recession has been one issue but the other is a fundamental change in the market. It is like the Great French wine Blight where phylloxera struck. By 1885 2.5mn acres of France’s vineyards had been destroyed and 1.5mn acres were withering away. French peasants abandoned their ruined vineyards and headed for Algeria, Argentina and Chile. Eventually a solution was found to replace the rootstock rather than just use insecticide.

In the next few weeks I will be launching a community of wine marketers. It is a community of wine business people solving the afflicting withering disease of poor wine marketing. It will be open to all wine business people from the winery to the wine retailer, from Walla Walla to Central Otago.

Wine Internet Marketing: a complete overview from Social Media to…

I’ve see a number of common issues where wineries are struggling with internet marketing, which I list in this post. The actual presentation slide deck is available to view at the end of this post and download from slideshare. These insights are from wine internet marketing workshops I did in Feb-13 covering general internet marketing best practice and given winery specific feedback on Facebook, Twitter, SEO, Conversions, Mobile and Email Marketing

New Book Interview on VinVillage’s Wine and Dine radio show

Lynn Krielow Chamberlain interviews Bruce on VinVillage’s Wine and Dine radio show. You can listen to the interview care of VinVillage or read the transcript below. The first half of the show talks about publishing on Amazon and the politics of wine distribution. After the ad break we get talk about the book which is where […]

My New Book Shows you How to Make More Money,…

I describe how a hypothetical wine store stops discounting, refocuses on very profitable customers, by sharing the store owner’s passion for wine. The store starts with 1467 customers, it drops 259 customers and turns a financial loss of -$46,374 into a profit of $214,354. However its revenue increases by $300,000. My imaganiery store owner has had a larger discounter open up next door. He has tried to match the prices but has quickly found himself in a hopeless financial position. This book follows him as he creates a business plan and an internet oriented marketing strategy to refocus on the most profitable customers.

Wine and Technology – vintank’s 12 predictions

Vintank has just produced a new wine marketing technology report that includes predictions about wine ecommerce, social media, social commerce, mobile apps and others. I go through each of the predictions and give my opinion.

Are you on a “Burning Platform”?

Rather than being a wine store, a retailer, a wine expert, a marketing expert, a capable tech user, a good sharer of info and knowledge: in wine forums, wine blogs, on facebook and twitter … a good wine store is a mixture of all these and more. It sits astride the new wine ecosystems that are spreading around the world and around the internet – but bringing the best of those back to your local customers.

Google 2010: end of empire, hail the new order

Since the mid 2000s you could expect to make a reasonable return on Google SEO and Adwords marketing expenditure. With the increase in competition, and the explosion of Social Media, Mobile and Local services this is now not necessarily the case. Or at least it is much harder. The good news is that a local business is at the heart of the three changes we’ve seen in 2009-10: Social, Mobile and Local.

Robert Parker and his wine retailer page

eRobertParker.com has the superb creditability of a brand name critic with a searchable database. Importantly this is matched with the 150,000 actual Wine Advocate reviews in the eRobertParker.com database.

A Selling Wine Online Financial Model

I’ve done a number of financial models looking at the ROI of a online wine store. Here’s my top level calculations for you to put in your own spreadsheet. Wine Revenue = Traffic Volume * Conversion% * Order Value. So the amount of revenue you get depends on the volume times the % who buy times the dollar value. Wine Online Cash flow = Net Revenue less Variable and Fixed Costs…

“The Big Five Fundamentals of Ecommerce Strategy”

Mathew at FastPivot wrote a post similar to what I have been saying in my posts on the process of selling win online: Traffic – Conversion – Administration – Repeat Business. Which is not surprising as it’s a well known process amongst internet marketing and ecommerce professionals. However his spin is worth repeating below, “There are areas of consistent focus where we have spent the last decade helping to grow businesses online. Ultimately every tactic should fall under the what I call the “Big Five Fundamentals of E-commerce.”…

Wine Internet Marketing: Why use social media, it’s not that…

I’m a keen supporter of social media because it gives you ‘reach’. I’m yet to be convinced that social media will give you sales. Which for a direct response marketer this is a quandary. Here’s the argument for social media from Socialcreeper.com and why I support social media.

A wine retail eCommerce store in 2019, end of an…

I’m reading lot’s of predictions about the end 2010 so I thought I’d make some predictions for the end of this decade.
Google will: ask how much you want to spend – and provide the impressions, clicks or conversions or actions of some type to that budget; will suggest wine bottle prices (see below); then it will route them to the Google best practice eCommerce store – branded as your own; take payment – using its own bank and payment service; and provide shipping services – this time with third parties such as Fedex

Wine Internet Marketing: Five Wine Store Sub Markets

There are a number of submarkets within wine online stores: 1. Wine Gifts, 2. Wine Clubs, 3. Single Wine purchase by individuals, 4. Corporate beverage purchases including wine 5. Special events such as weddings that include wine purchases.

The next Sideway’s wine film?

Maynard Keenan of Tool will release his new film about making wine in Arizona, Blood into Wine next month, which means two things for the wine industry.

The Wine Retailer’s Internet Dream

“So I’m going to be a multi-millionaire – with my own gleaming white super yacht – surrounded by gorgeous bikini clad women – right!?” Well, you might… But probably not due to a wine internet site. True, Gary Vaynerchuk (winelibrary.tv) seems to have been able to build a business (for himself and his father) that’s now worth millions. And perhaps that points towards a way where you could become internationally successful but more of that in a future post (or series of posts) about social media. More reasonable aims are…