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Wine Industry

The wine industry has fascinating arguments, discussions, debates and downright fights. I cover them here along with what WineMarketingPros is doing, wine marketing books and competition.

Wine Australia goes for Experiential Marketing: the Pros and a…

Wine Australia will work with Tourism Australia as part of an Australian tourism strategy to use Food and Wine as a reason to come to Australia, some pros and cons, and why the creative will be critical for wine marketing success.

How do you make with a small fortune in the…

“How do you make with a small fortune in the wine business?…” You know the answer ;), “start with a big fortune.” It aims to take an honest and critical look at whether people should start a wine business or indeed whether they should exit their existing wine business.

My hypothesis is that a reasonable return on investment can be made but only if some key challenges are met and overcome. But the book will take me where it takes me… A significant part of the book will be marketing, sales, cash flow, financing and valuations not so much about DTC and the internet. For example many wine businesses have presumed they have to be vertically integrated, to own the vineyards and winery.

Australian Wine Marketing Workshops: where should we go?

We are planning our Australian Wine Marketing Workshop tour and are hoping you can help us with determining which towns we should go to?

New Website, New Support, New Book

MyLocalWineStore.com has been updated! It is all to do with the book that is about to be released, How to Sell Wine Online. Each chapter is packed with tips and techniques on how a wine retailer can sell more wine on the internet. New to the website are forums. EachForum is married to a chapter of the book to allow questions, debates, and strategy updated as technology moves on.

Lies, lies and Snooth: I investigate

Investigating vintank’s accusations of Snooth misrepresentation, hidden objectives, poor user experience, so-called success stories and legal breach.

Wine Industry Fascination: a demanding mistress

I’ve been mulling over why I’m fascinated by the wine industry. It’s like a demanding mistress, you’d like to just ignore her sometimes but you’re somehow remain caught in her spell and can’t seem to shake yourself loose.

A Wine Retailer Business Plan: avoiding Ready-Fire-Aim

An outline of a wine retailer business plan including the Company, Customers, and Competitors; Service, Product, Price, Place and Promotion; Staff, It and Risks; and types of Financial Statements. This is a just a sketch of what a plan looks like, I’ll probably post a full example one in due course. It is what a bank or equity investors would want to see as well as plan your next 12-36 months.

Thought of Opening another Wine Store? Here’s a Financial Model…

Thought of opening another wine store? Here’s a spreadsheet which I’m using to evaluate volume by segment, margin, revenue, costs and profit. It also evaluates marketing promotions.

Wine Industry Arguments – beyond natural dissension?

Who supports the current three tier system? Was a seemingly simple question in the Wine and Spirits Group forum in LinkedIn. And a raging discussion took place over a couple of months. Lots of it tied to HR5034 but in my opinion it was most about the evils of Big Co in the wine industry.

My feeling is that HR5034 is a “lightning rod” for lots of other wine industry issues. I’m not to saying that HR 5034 is a trivial issue, it’s not, it’s important, but I think there are a lot of issues swirling in the background. Such as large retail chains, distributors and wine companies practices in discounting, to service, to anti-competitive behavior. Distributor effectiveness in general is questioned by many, and defended by some. And of course no one likes the lobbyist power of big distribution (despite some preferring Three-Tier). The interesting yet saddening thing to me is the “artificial” tension in the wine industry, and describing that tension is what this post is about.