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Wine Email Marketing

The key elements of a successful wine email marketing campaign are (1) responsive lists not dead ones, (2) checking email addresses with double opt-in (3) dealing with paranoid Internet Service Providers (ISP), (4) customer personalization, and (5) more entertaining, informative content topics, with occasional selling.

Wine Email Marketing: Content is King (again), some Suggested Topics

The content of your wine retail email marketing. There are two types of emails: 1. Information type emails, 2. Promotional emails. Information emails keep people interested. But information emails will get less response. Promotional emails get great responsive (at first). Of course we want sales but if we send out too many promotional emails then they will regard it as spam

Wine Email Marketing: Personalize, Everything

Have a customized Thank You / Subscription Confirmed page. Always personalize your emails – both ways. Have a text format ‘Plan B’. Regularly send out emails. Send a little bit of content a lot rather than a long email a little. Too frequent? Just ask Gary V. Irrelevant and boring? Now you are in trouble.

Wine Email Marketing: Paranoid ISPs

How to handle email unsubscribes and paranoid ISPs. Use a professional email marketing service (e.g. aweber or mailchimp) to automatically handle the regular unsubscribe requests you get from your email list. These services put a simple unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email they send out. Similarly the email marketing service providers automatically “clean” your lists

Wine Email Marketing: Double Check with Double Opt-In

The Double Opt-in Process is where a subscriber is sent an email asking them to click on a link to confirm that they have subscribed. When they do this the link notifies your email system that the person has opted in twice (“double”) and is therefore a valid email subscriber. If you do nothing else, force your subscribers to double opt-in to your emails. Subscribers who do this are found to be more responsive; cannot say to the authorities they did not opt-in as you have proof that they did; cannot be subscribed by someone else; confirms that email address is correct

Wine Email Marketing: Responsive Lists are Better

Let’s do some math. It’s real simple math: List size * Delivery rate % * Open rate % * Click through rate % * Conversion rate % * Order value $ = Value of one email mail out … notice how the list that is 10 times smaller has an order value four times bigger! So in this series of emails I’m not going to look at list size but how to make your list more responsive