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Wine Advertising

Internet Advertising comes in many forms. The wine industry has been a big user of the most popular internet advertising network, Google ‘Adwords’, but Facebook Paid Ads (also see the Facebook and Wine blog category) are becoming particularly useful for wine busineses. Google Adwords requires attention to the wine keyword phrases (see Wine SEO), Facebook Paid Ads requires more attention to the targeting of interests, fans, and friends of fans. However but both companies also allow Retargeting, a very effective but advanced form of advertising.

Why you should only advertise on the internet to people…

Internet Advertising is expensive. Not as expensive as traditional advertising but expensive nevertheless. And I am increasingly of the opinion that the only advertising you pay for are those who have self-qualified. By this I mean a wine drinker has put their hand up and said I am interested in your brand by visiting your website or giving you their email address. There are number of ways to identify and track them called Retargeting and Custom Audiences. By using these type of advertising you should be able to significantly drop your Customer Acquisition Cost.

How to Find Local Wine Customers: Local PPC

If you’re a Wine Store in Chicago, you don’t want to spend money on ads being showed to Miami residents. On the other hand if a Miami resident wants to buy a bottle of wine for a friend in Chicago, then you do want them to see your ad so they can buy in Chicago and save on freight costs. How does this work? Google identifies a search phrase as “local”. It’s the realm of Local PPC and I’ll go through how you do this in Google Adwords by using geo-targeting, ad extensions, keywords, ad copy, and landing pages.

Wine Adwords: Carefully Add Some More Keywords

We’re going to start adding some keywords to our keyword list. Go to Google’s Keyword Tool and type in Napa Valley Merlot. Which shows the following fascinating data (I’m such a geek) by column, and sorted by relevance. Here’s what I see…

Wine Adwords: Increase Click Through Rate

Let’s do some testing to increase our click through rate. We’ll create a second ad that tests which headline drives more clicks and sales conversions. That ad will have one simple addition to the headline, the word “Boutique” as follows…

Wine Adwords: the Ad Copy

Writing your wine retail adwords ad copy. Headline: I would always recommend you have your keyword in the headline as per above. Description needs: A call to action e.g. buy or order now … Display and Destination URL…

Wine Adwords: Choose your Keywords

In this post we’ll go through keywords for beginner wine retailer adwords advertisers. In particular the difference between broad match, phrase match and exact match and how they apply to wine.

Wine Adwords: Your First Campaign

At some stage you’re going to see so many of the other local businesses start Google Adwords campaigns you’re going to want to try it out yourself. As long as you’ve got a website then I reckon you should just jump in – at the shallow end. If you’re a wine retailer, and wanted to have a go at Adwords, then follow these simple instructions in this series of posts.

Wine Adwords: “new wine” an opportunity or trap for a…

I got real excited about this the keyword phrase new wine. I saw 1000s of searches. New Wine!? That must be what may people call a new vintage or a new release, a bit odd but if that’s what they’re searching for…In fact I decided to check it out and did a Google search

Wine Adwords: Red red wine, a great song but a…

UB40 was a great band when I grew up and I loved Reddd reeeeddd wiiiiiiine. It looks like many people still do because when you use the keyword ‘red wine’ many of the searches are for the song! Not the wine. So how do you get around that?

Wine Adwords: The Most Important Wine Tip you’ll ever get

If you search google for ‘wine’, guess what will be the top search you get? As at January 2010 nothing to do with the beverage ‘wine’ … but rather ‘Wine Development HQ’!