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Selling Wine Online

Successfully selling wine online can be viewed as a marketing process, or funnel, of Traffic > Engagement > Conversion > eCommerce > Repeat Purchase.
(1) Traffic — generate traffic to your site from search, advertising, shopping sites, and social media
(2) Engagement — interacting with customers on your blog, forums, Facebook, Twitter, and location-based services
(3) Conversion — convert this traffic into sales through good con- tent, user shopping experience, suitable wine range, and fair prices
(4) eCommerce - easily administer orders, and comply with liquor age and shipping laws
(5) Repeat Purchase - turn new customers into repeat customers through follow-up email marketing, and your great customer service.

Plan to start a long tail online wine store?

I had this great idea. I’d create a website that appealed to all those wine connoisseurs who loved niche wines. I’d work with wine retailers around the world, to offer niches, to wine lovers around the world. Here’s the key part of the wine marketing plan that was aimed at a particular group of wine drinkers called Experimenters and their particular needs.

Christchurch Earthquake – pic of a lucky escape for a…

A wine store near the epicenter of the 7.1 earthquake that struck Christchurch New Zealand last week, sent this email and photo to his subscriber list,

What the wine internet shopper sees in CA 90210

Ever wondered why a customer who lived round the corner bought wine off an online competitor rather than yourself? If so here is a simple way to find out, just go to google.com and search for relevant phrases like wine shop 90210, pinot noir, brand X … and see who dominates the search engine results page.

The Local Wine Store’s Advantage vs Pure Play Internet Retailers

In previous posts  A Plan to Launch a Long Tail Store Selling Wine Online and  The Long Tail Wine Website I outlined a wine drinker type, called the Experimenter, who wanted to seek out information about wine niches and give them a try wine retailer experts who had all the information the fellow above wanted […]

The Long Tail Wine New Venture

In a previous post about my Long Tail Wine Marketing Plan I wrote about a particular market segment called the Experimenter. This keen group of wine drinkers love to try different wines and find out more about varietals and wine regions. The venture I planned to set up would connect this group of wine drinkers […]

Selling Wine Online: Your Point of Difference

This post is about possible points of difference for an online wine retailer. First what most of the good online wine retailers offer, the “price of entry” rather than your point of difference. Second potential points of difference.

Selling Wine Online: The Long Tail of Wine- an opportunity?

Chris Anderson, wrote a book called “The Long Tail”. It was a best seller, and is all about the millions of niches in the world and the successful businesses that have been built around this concept e.g. Amazon with books, iTunes with music, and Google Adwords with small business advertising. But the truth is the concept has a serious flaw.

Selling Wine Online: The Local Wine Retailer’s Market Opportunity

If you’ve read my post about the Online Wine Competition you may feel a little stunned at just how competitive the online market is. This post is about finding your gap in the market where you can elbow your way to get your fair share of customers. I see two clear gaps depending on your particular interests.

Selling Wine Online: Wine Online Competitors – The Market

The online wine market has many competitors. I’ve taken a representative sample and created an Online Wine Market Model for illustrative purposes. The larger the circle the grater the online presence and/or sales in the US online wine market. The closer a competitor is to a word in italics the more likely it is positioned that way.

Selling Wine Online Process 4: Repeat Business

Regularly emailing interesting and valued information to a list of customers ensures that the $10 sale becomes a $50 or $500 customer. It also means you might be able to outspend other wine retailers who only rely on PPC to get most customers and don’t have a good follow up marketing system. My key tips for wine email marketing…

Selling Wine Online Process 3: eCommerce Administration

In the two previous posts I covered how wine retailers can generate traffic and convert it to sales. In this post I’ll cover ecommerce administration. In a fourth post I’ll cover repeat business. That’s the process of selling wine online. Orders. There should be a simple way to be notified of an order such as email, or a RSS feed.

Selling Wine Online Process 2: Conversion

This post will look at converting traffic. The Landing Page. As mentioned in the last post you should build you SEO and PPC campaigns so that people land on an individual page, the “landing page”, rather than just a general home page. There are a number of reasons for this but the key one is that your customer is hot on the trail of an attractive wine and we don’t want to throw any obstacles in the way of that purchase – such as having to search the site.

Selling Wine Online Process 1: Traffic

This post is about generating traffic to your wine retailer website. As you will see they are reasonably simple – the obstacle isn’t understanding them so much as doing them. Note that I am skeptical about secret SEO software and processes – they may help at the margin so to speak, but not with getting most of the results (i.e. 80/20 rule). Three types that I’ll split out below: SEO, PPC and Email Marketing.

Selling Wine Online, a Criteria: Marketing to eCommerce Process

In order to sell wine online you need to generate traffic, convert the traffic into sales and nurture repeat business. You also need support for any technical or marketing issues you may have along the way.

Selling Wine Online: Taking a Local Wine Store Online –…

Put simply you need:
* eCommerce – have an eCommerce website i.e. online catalog, shopping cart and order administration system
* Traffic – generate traffic to your site, especially from Google
* Conversion – convert this traffic into sales through probably good content, user shopping experience, suitable wine range and fair prices
* Arguably Repeat Customers – turn new customers into repeat customers probably through great customer service and follow up marketing.