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Facebook and Wine

The wine community is a big user of Facebook. The Wine Market Council research shows that 69% of Core Wine Drinkers (the 75 million Americans who drink wine once or more per week) use Facebook.

Facebook has a brain and a heart: EdgeRank and News Feed, respectively. A user can do various actions on Facebook, including Likes, posts, comments on others’ posts, upload or view photos, play videos, answer or ask questions, and create or join events. Each of these actions is called an ‘Edge’ in Facebook parlance. These edges may be shared on friends’ or fans’ ‘News Feed’. Throw in Paid Ads and you have the three components of Wine Facebook Marketing.

How to Create Wine Facebook Ads that Convert

You’ve built up your Fan base, you’ve been posting great photo rich content, posts that encourage interaction and you are posting at least twice a day? Time to think conversion. This post shows you how to create a Facebook Conversion Ad Campaign including conversion pixels and the ad type.

Wine and Facebook Insight Posts are now on…Facebook

Wine and Facebook, 17 embed posts from our Facebook page from 1-17 December 2013 on: case studies, ad insights, wine social media analysis, wine marketing math, Xmas promos and more.

Extending Engagement: Showing your Fans’ Friends your Posts

Time to amplify all those great posts to friends of Fans. We’re going promote our posts to friends of fans who have interests we identified when doing our Graph Search: a carefully targeted ad audience.

Finding new Fans: Building out your Tofu

How to use Facebook interests like wine tasting, food and wine, or restaurants and bars, to find new fans for a wine business using the Page Like ad.

A Powerful Way to Target Wine Drinkers on Facebook: Graph…

What will your target market find interesting? What interests, brands and places do they like? If we know these things then we can build more engagement on Facebook posts, and do some very effective Facebook ad targeting. One powerful way to know what your target audience likes it to use Facebook Graph Search, this blog post shows how an example winery could use the different search terms to find wine drinker insights.

Give your Post a Chance: Promoted Posts

The whole point of social media is to engage with your Fans. However if your message can’t reach enough of them, then your engagement numbers are going to be low regardless of your efforts. This post gives you step by step instructions on how to use Facebook ads to give your posts the best chance of boosting your Page’s engagement. The ad type is called Promoted Post.

Wine’s Quickest & Simplest Way to Build a Quality Facebook…

…is a Facebook Sponsored Story Page Like Ad. In a perfect world Facebook would organically share our posts with Friends of Friends (“viral reach”), along with our website Like box and Facebook address on packaging. But I’ll let someone else sell you that dream, in the real world to get a Fan Base that is large enough to make a difference to your revenue line you need to use the Sponsored Story Page Like Ad.

Don’t be Aimless: Facebook Marketing Strategy & the Wine Business…

A good internet marketer starts with the business and marketing objectives and ensures Facebook Marketing helps to achieve them. In this post I give a specific example of tying Facebook tactics and budget back to business objectives.

Like Me! Increasing Wine Business Facebook Fans Outside of Facebook

We look at ways a winery or wine retailer can boost Fan numbers by focusing on your website, store/tasting room, wine products and marketing collateral. Not by using Paid Ads or organic marketing.

How a Wine Business Should Set-Up their Facebook Page

A complete tutorial on how wineries & wine stores Facebook set-up including Page vs Profile, key decisions on title and address, categories & sub-categories, design & fan posting ability. Considers the differences between different wine businesses.

The Wine Facebook Marketing Plan

Starts with your marketing objectives. What are the key objectives your business has tasked marketing to help it achieve? What is the marketing strategy: the target markets and your positioning versus your competitors? As I’ll illustrate below different objectives lead to entirely different Facebook marketing strategies.

How to Change a Facebook Personal Account to a Wine…

If your winery has a Personal Account (an Account is where users click ‘Add Friend’) on Facebook you really should change it to a Business Page (a Page is where users click ‘Like’). If you don’t, Facebook may delete it at any time because it is a ‘noncompliant account’. 

You’d hope Facebook would have made this an easy process for businesses to complete but they haven’t and as a result there are a lot of confused and disgruntled people out there. Thus this blog post! To decrease the fearful ‘unknown’ factors in the process we have trialed it successfully with some new pages we created specially. However to get success we had to wait a considerable time, and had to submit the same data repeatedly to finally complete the process. Some people have none of these problems, not the case with our experiment, and others have more problems of increasing severity. One thing we can say is that it is a path for the brave!

Firstly back up and check to see what has been saved before you take any step that cannot be returned from. Secondly we remember the clear Plan B, probably a technical expert who can take over if it all turns to custard. Thirdly we suggest perseverance, nerves of steel and great patience. And yes we almost decided not to post this information but when you keep seeing wineries having the same issue you need to have a response no matter how qualified that response is. Hopefully Facebook will make this a much better process in the future.

Facebook Wine Best Practice: Wineries that are doin’ it right

We are regularly tracking which wineries are facebook marketing experts, what they’re doing so well and what lessons we can learn from them. We are seeing various categories of creative ideas such as Vineyard Photos, Tasting Room Customer Photos, Entertaining or Informative Illustrations, Questions like ‘What should we do?’, and many more. Here are some highlights of those case studies from our Facebook page.

Facebook Angst – Why it’s Normal that Only 16% of…

There has been a fair amount of angst in the Facebook Marketing Community about why only a small % of Facebook Business Page posts make it onto fan pages. However if you take a step back and put it into a wider marketing perspective the varying intensity of fans liking brands is actually pretty normal. I suggest three reasons why EdgeRank is rightly doing it’s job:
1. Preference is always low
2. The Winery Industry has low levels of Brand Loyalty
3. A large part of the Fan Base are not well, fans, but rather opportunistic or random

2 Facebook eCommerce Recommendations, and 15 Others

I outline how different size wine retailers’ requirements are different depending on their size, budgets and motivation. Then I outline the Must Have Requirements for a Very Small Wine Retailer and analyze various Facebook Vendor Software options. I reduce the list through using Price of software and level of integration with Facebook. I then whittle down the remaining 5 to 2 final recommendations – Payvment and Ecwid. I have a video from each firm introducing the software, as well as outlining my likes and dislikes of each.

Social Commerce – the marriage of social networking and eCommerce

A 1 page review of a 1 hour Social Commerce (Facebook) webinar by Practical eCommerce. New things for me were the personalization of the store based on the Facebook data you get, and the link to product pages when making wall posts. Other key points are keepin’ it on Facebook not diverting to an external website, conversation not commerce, encouragement of Likes, and Fans are just that – fans – so don’t be shy.

9 Pragmatic Recommendations for a Wine Facebook Page

How serious should a small business get with it’s Facebook Page? I cover why having one is important and how much effort is enough given scare time and money. Then I outline a reasonable approach keeping the 80 / 20 Rule in the back of mind at all times. I come up with 9 recommended tabs or practices.

The Wine Facebook Page Rankings – How a Small Winery…

First thing to notice – this is a Quality not a Quantity measure. Wine-Searcher still tops the ratings with its 84,000 odd fans, though Robert Mondavi Winery with 4000 odd fans almost takes first place. I also look at some other Head to Head results by sector. On average the results weren’t that good. On average most Pages did well with Branding and Being Up to Date. On the other hand most did very poorly at everything else.

I go through the criterion one by one. I explain my Altimeter’s and my scoring, then I make a brief commentary and sometimes a suggestion on how to do better. Then I rejig the results. Purchase is what we’re after, so in my hard nosed commercial fashion I weight each criterion to favor purchase related factors. This changes some of the rankings and takes a more wine retailer perspective.

Wine Searcher proves to be the Wine Facebook Fan Collosus

In this post we look at fan numbers, in other posts we look at quality. I choose these wine related Facebook Pages because I wanted to put:
– the top wine stores against each other
– the two big wine comparison shopping engines head to head
– a couple of well known American wine brands for context
– and a wine magazine.

Wine-Searcher had the most fans, but then it got interesting.

Facebook Conquers the Universe … and a little bit of…

I think the case for being at least interested in Facebook seems obvious. There’s lots of consumers, they spend lots of time on Facebook, and their recommendations mean a lot to friends and family. But companies are struggling to find a pragmatic approach.

The Altimeter Group has put out a report that suggests the following needs to be done to to be successful with Facebook Marketing: 1. Set Community Expectations 2. Provide Cohesive Branding 3. Be Up To Date 4. Live Authenticity. 5 Participate in Dialog 6. Enable Peer-To-Peer Interactions 7. Foster Advocacy 8. Solicit A Call To Action

I outline their approach here in order to background my own Wine and Facebook research.