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WINE MARKETING ONLINE: How to use the newest tools of marketing to boost profits and build brands

Wine Marketing Online ISBN: 978-1935879879This book shows wine businesses how to sell wine over the internet using search, social media, mobile phones, eCommerce and other wine specialist internet services.

Was released on 1st August 2013 (in Napa at Copperfield’s Book Store), and is available from Amazon or visit Copperfield’s Books.

“WINE MARKETING ONLINE: How to use the newest tools of marketing to boost profits and build brands”, is for wineries, wine retailers, wine importers and distributors, wine regional marketing organizations, and wine marketing students primarily based in the United States but also Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

It shows readers how successful wine retailers and wineries market their premium wines on the internet by:

  • Generating website traffic using Google
  • Converting that traffic into sales
  • Utilising social media to effectively engage with new and existing customers on a wine retailer’s blog, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Riding the coming wave of mobile websites, apps, advertising and location based services like Foursquare and Yelp
  • Choosing wine retail eCommerce software options
  • Increasing repeat loyal customers through email marketing

It also includes a complete winery marketing plan, wine store business plan, wine store financial model, and wine competitor and customer research. WineMarketingPros.com is the complementary website for downloading spreadsheets, getting support and keeping up-to-date with the latest in wine internet marketing.

“Wine Marketing Online” is based on Bruce’s previous book, published in 2011, called,
“How to Sell Wine Online: How a Small Wine Retailer Can Turn a Main St Wine Store Into a Flourishing Internet Success” (ISBN-13: 978-0473198596).

The new book includes a new chapter for wineries on brand management, as well as a complete update on important internet services changes especially from Facebook and Google.

Formal Product Details

Wine Marketing Online: How to use the newest tools of marketing to boost profits and build brands Paperback

Price: $29.95

400 pages
Publisher: Wine Appreciation Guild
August 1, 2013
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1935879871

Outline and Table of Contents

The book starts with business and marketing planning by using the 3C approach of Customers, Competitors and Company. The next parts of the book take a marketing funnel approach with Traffic at the top, Engagement in the middle, Conversion and Repeat Customers at the bottom. Structure and Chapters:

Bruce McGechan

Bruce McGechan Author | Internet Marketing Consultant & Managing Director. Bruce McGechan is globally recognized as one of most prominent thought leaders and published authors in wine internet marketing. A professional marketer who has worked for corporates, consulted to wine retail stores, and owned his own niche online wine store. He is at the bleeding edge of how the new internet world is affecting wine businesses. Bruce McGechan is an expert on selling wine on the internet. He is a wine internet marketing consultant, company director and founder of WineMarketingPros.com - a community of wine marketing professionals

Table of Contents
1) Introduction
Problems that wine businesses have with marketing in particular over the internet. An overview of the process of selling wine online. Introduction to example wine stores and other resources.
Part I: The 3Cs – Customers, Competitors, Company
2) Customers
Wine consumer research with particular attention paid to Constellation Wines public research as well as a review of academic research. Netnography research and simple market research practices also covered.
3) Competitors
Online competition using internet search results as well as NetBase netnography type research.
4) Company – the Wine Retailer
Business and Marketing planning including a full wine store marketing plan.
5) Company – the Winery
Business and Marketing planning including brand management process and winery marketing plan.
6) Internet Marketing Measurement
Ways to measure internet marketing success including Google Analytics and VinTank’s wine social media monitoring and management tool ‘Social Connect’. The problem of multiple attribution is discussed.
Part II: Traffic
7) Search Engine Optimisation
The Google algorithm, wine keywords, on-page and off-page SEO. Case studies of winery and wine retailer good practice and how to measure success.
8) Local SEO
Why small wine business should be thinking more about local search than general search, what it is, the various services and how to measure success.
9) Internet Advertising
The various types of internet advertising including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Banner and Mobile advertising. Specific wine keywords, sites, interests and policies.
10) Comparison Shopping Engines.
What are they, the wine specialist services including Snooth and Wine-Searcher.
Part III: Engagement
11) Social Media Overview
What is it, what are the objectives of social media and how to use them.
12) Blogging
Blogging is all about creating content, the best way to do this and why wine bloggers are important. How to write a brief and measure success.
13) Facebook
Facebook marketing objectives and process: Connect, Engage and Influence. EdgeRank algorithm and case studies of how wineries get through this Facebook algorithm to engage with their fans.
14) Twitter
Why tweet, different types of tweeters and strategies for wine businesses. Different methods of measuring success.
15) Mobile Apps and Websites
Why they are important to wineries. What are the different types of apps and mobile websites. How to write an app brief.
16) Local Social Media and Location-Based Services
The convergence of Social Media, Mobile and Location. How that changes the way wine retailers and tasting rooms market wines and the various types of Location Based Services.
IV: Conversion
17) Introduction to Wine eCommerce
Web development and eCommerce requirements of wineries and wine retailers. The different requirements for different size wine businesses. Using Google Analytics to measure success.
18) Conversion Rate Optimisation
What it is and the various steps from testing to measuring.
V Repeat Purchase
19) Email Marketing
Best practices for a winery and various examples of what wineries do well.
20) Conclusion
Index (professionally compiled 23 page index)

Book Resource Links

Given the breakneck speed of internet development a book will only paint a picture of internet marketing at a point in time. Therefore this book has a sister website, www.WineMarketingPros.com, to allow revision and updates to each chapter as well as errata.
Chapter Resource links:
Chapter 2. Customers
Chapter 3. Competitors
Chapter 4. Company—Wine Retailer
Chapter 5. Company—the Winery
Chapter 6. Internet Marketing Measurement
Chapter 7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Chapter 8. Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Chapter 9. Internet Advertising
Chapter 10. Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE)
Chapter 11. Social Media
Chapter 12. Blogging
Chapter 13. Facebook
Chapter 14. Twitter
Chapter 15. Mobile Apps and Websites
Chapter 16. Local Social Media and Location-Based Services
Chapter 17. Introduction to Wine eCommerce
Chapter 18. Conversion Rate Optimization
Chapter 19. Email Marketing