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BY Bruce McGechan

Managing Director
& Author of
"Wine Marketing Online"

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Wine Marketing Online

WINE MARKETING ONLINE: How to use the newest tools of marketing to boost profits and build brands shows wine retailers and wineries how to market wines online by:
-- Generating website traffic using Google
-- Converting that traffic into sales
-- Utilising social media to effectively engage with new and existing customers on a blog, Facebook, and Twitter
-- Riding the coming wave of mobile websites, apps, advertising and location based services like Foursquare and Yelp
-- Choosing wine retail eCommerce software options
-- Increasing repeat loyal customers through email marketing
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Bruce McGechan offers a data-rich instruction manual for those who are interested in learning more about e-commerce and social media... this book will give you lots to think about as you move your business into the on-line world.

Paul Wagner - founder Balzac Communications and Marketing and author of Wine Marketing & Sales,

"Winery and wine PR people, how do you use social media? Do you believe it can be a significant driver of sales?” ~ I know it can...This book is living proof of how to do it and how it’s done, it just has be understood and applied.

Jo Diaz - founder Diaz Communications, Oregon Pinot Gris marketing group, PSILY executive director, event manager Oregon Pinot Gris & Petite Sirah symposiums,

"Bruce McGechan is a true believer in the power of the Internet and social media to move cases. He explains how, in this geeky tome...there’s plenty of useful stuff."

Steve Heimoff - Wine Enthusiast critic and Blogger,

Invaluable guide for anyone involved in marketing wine today... He walks you through the steps of how to target your customer, create a website to reach them, engage them through social media, and convert those relationships into sales. And he does it in a manner that even technology novices can understand and implement. No small winery or wine marketer should be without this book.

Tim Grogan - Adjunct Professor Viticulture and Enology, Grayson College; Founder of The Artisan Wine Store,

Most online marketing books are outdated by the time that they are printed - but this isn't one of them. Bruce McGechan has written a relevant and timely book for the exploding wine business. I have also found his blog writings and videos worth following.

John Lawlor - ,

Great book. It answers a lot of general marketing questions as well as internet specific marketing questions.

Richard Holmes - ,