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BY Bruce McGechan

Researcher, Speaker,
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Wine Marketing Online

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Wine Marketing Online

WINE MARKETING ONLINE: How to use the newest tools of marketing to boost profits and build brands shows wine retailers and wineries how to market wines online by:
-- Generating website traffic using Google
-- Converting that traffic into sales
-- Utilising social media to effectively engage with new and existing customers on a blog, Facebook, and Twitter
-- Riding the coming wave of mobile websites, apps, advertising and location based services like Foursquare and Yelp
-- Choosing wine retail eCommerce software options
-- Increasing repeat loyal customers through email marketing
Released 1 August 2013, pre-order c/o Amazon: Wine Marketing Online



Bruce McGechan offers a data-rich instruction manual for those who are interested in learning more about e-commerce and social media... this book will give you lots to think about as you move your business into the on-line world.

Paul Wagner - founder Balzac Communications and Marketing and author of Wine Marketing & Sales,

"Winery and wine PR people, how do you use social media? Do you believe it can be a significant driver of sales?” ~ I know it can...This book is living proof of how to do it and how it’s done, it just has be understood and applied.

Jo Diaz - founder Diaz Communications, Oregon Pinot Gris marketing group, PSILY executive director, event manager Oregon Pinot Gris & Petite Sirah symposiums,

"Bruce McGechan is a true believer in the power of the Internet and social media to move cases. He explains how, in this geeky tome...there’s plenty of useful stuff."

Steve Heimoff - Wine Enthusiast critic and Blogger,

Invaluable guide for anyone involved in marketing wine today... He walks you through the steps of how to target your customer, create a website to reach them, engage them through social media, and convert those relationships into sales. And he does it in a manner that even technology novices can understand and implement. No small winery or wine marketer should be without this book.

Tim Grogan - Adjunct Professor Viticulture and Enology, Grayson College; Founder of The Artisan Wine Store,

What is Wine Marketing Online?


Search Engine Optimization

Drives Google traffic to the top of your wine website sales 'funnel'. Key tactics include keyword analysis, great content, external links & title tags.



An easy way to write great content for important SEO wine keyword phrases, as well as a form of social media when wine drinkers post comments.


Social Media

Wine Drinkers' media attention has moved to Facebook, Twitter, forums & wine blogs. More engagement means more likeability and preference which eventually turns into sales.



Using website and social media analytic tools to track website conversions, customer acqusisiton cost and wine brand conversations on social media.


Internet Advertising

Generate immediate traffic through Google Adwords and Facebook Paid Ads. More advanced wine businesses are now also using Retargeting.


Location Based Services

Local meets Social meets Mobile. Wine drinkers are using Yelp, FourSquare and social networks on their mobile phones when they are and out and about to share, read and rate wine businesses.



Wine businesses need wine eCommerce software that includes shipping & age verification, & wine clubs. We compare various wine website solutions and list the features you should look for.



About 20% of wine drinkers are probably using their smartphones to view your website. Is your website a help or hindrance to purchasing wine online. Perhaps it's time for an app.


Email Marketing

Best practice is to keep responsive lists, nurtured with informative and educating content, and sent through email marketing service software.


Wine Marketing

There are two very profitable wine consumer segments (out of six) that make up 54% of wine industry profits. We describe them, the brand management and marketing process.